Alpha & Beta



3 years, 5 months ago


A: small pale puffy ex soldier who was originally hired as an arcana power test. Though he functions normally and stayed mentally stable (other than the pigment drain side effect) the test was cancelled because several other subjects went bad. He seems very sweet and tame and has a weak "healing" power, physically pulling together skin or small broken things together so they can be glued up. He's been experimenting with uglier applications that he hides so the government will let him keep his mansion. He is good at flattery and gossip, but streamlines his interactions w as much social grease as possible so he can have privacy. He kind of looks down on others. He seems unbothered by B's lone wolf tendencies and change in appearance, and is actually more chatty and outgoing around him, and often speaks for him in public.

B: a fellow soldier/test alongside Alpha. Pilot to A's gunman, he has worked on planes all his life. His skin took on a strange gray hardness as power developed, and he became resistant to scrapes, chemicals, fire, etc. His hair isn't immutable though, it's bleached out. It can also be burned. His appearance made others nervous when they had already been wary of him before the tests, so he is careful w every move. After the first Judgment mission, he was mistakenly exiled w a bunch of violent arcs under the impression he had lost his mind bc his vocal chords were damaged. In spite of the crap he gets, and the resting scowl, he rarely loses his temper and is more likely to just stalk off. He was considered pretty intelligent before losing his voice but still not approachable. does seem to have a deadpan sense of humor which is amplified by silence. He appears exasperated by A but seems to view that bland cheeriness w more caution than most.

They have real names but in front of other people always use the nicknames (they were subjects A and B in the original power trial)