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» Basics
Name Daisy
Gender Goblin (she/her)
Age Goblin
Ancestry Goblin
Class Barbarian (Spirit Totem)
Alignment Goblin
» About

Daisy was rolled up for chapter 3 of Doomsday Dawn, the Pathfinder 2e playtest adventure, after we arbitrarily decided that the entire party would be goblins (with the exception of one human with a hyena head, designated an honorary goblin.) Knowing that the party needed a tank and that I needed a character with an absurd gimmick to keep up my streak, I saw the Spirit Totem class option for Barbarian and it all went to chaos from there.

She's definitely an archetypal Goblin™, and I kinda wish I had spent a little longer developing her before the game-- but to be fair, she was made for a one-shot scenario in a ruleset under playtest. Still a hoot to play, though.

» Appearance

Daisy is tiny even by goblin standards, but surprisingly and terrifyingly strong. She has a massive toothy grin, a long black ponytail, and enormous ears. She wears a ratty yellow dress and carries a rucksack full of trinkets, a buster sword twice her size, and a purple teddy bear made from the phylactery of an ancient lich.

» Likes
hoarding cursed objects
fantasy Red Bull™
high places
» Dislikes
being quiet
when Noctomezo sasses her
eating her vegetables
» Details
» Backstory

Daisy has no biological family she's aware of, and grew up on the streets, as many goblins without a clan are unfortunately forced to do. Her hoarding habit turned into an early career of dumpster diving and upcycling, specializing in fixing up discarded toys and baubles. That was how she found the old purple teddy bear, in a pile of trash behind a thrift store, that would change her life.

She could feel it's deeply malicious aura even before she touched it, but it was some really nice fabric and those glittering red eyes could fetch some money... Somehow she rolled a nat 20 on her will save, and resisted the thrall of the lich inside the teddy bear with ease. And immediately asked it if they could be friends.

So they struck a deal: in exchange for letting Noctomezo see the light of day every once in a while, Daisy would gain superpowers as his part-time earthly vessel. To the lich's chagrin, Daisy has mostly used this power for good, albeit in a somewhat self-serving fashion. Rumors of the tiny goblin with terrible ghostly powers reached the ears of the Order of the Palatine Eye, and they've reached out to her as a possible mercenary for their mysterious mission.

» Relationships
Noctomezo Treats him like an endearingly misbehaving cat.
Batag Fellow hooligan and energy drink connoisseur.
» Trivia
● She has a whole intimidation feat chain that she barely got to use.
● I knew I wanted her name to be a flower from the start, so I picked one that was the opposite color scheme of Noctomezo.
● She also had nearly every consumable magic item I could find in the playtest that applied to her fighting style. I should try rebuilding with the official rules...

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