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name Taji
age 6yrs
gender Male
pronouns He/Him
species Silver Fox
orientation Bisexual
occupation ???

code jiko


Taji is the main character of dismantle- A young silver fox who always felt that life had more to offer than the war and hardship's he was raised around! As a child Taji was carefree, apologetic and anxious... But as time went on and his own kin viewed him as a liability to their cause, Taji grew into a bitter and unstable fox who had nothing to lose.

Taji enjoys watching sunsets- becoming his favourite pastime with Zera. He loves flower fields and taking longs walks in them aswell. He tends to need a lot of reassurance and to know he's wanted.
Taji hates feeling used, betrayed and called derogatory names. It's probably not hard to see he greatly dislikes his blood family/Foxes in general. Taji Has a hard time getting close and exposing his sensitive nature to others.

Polite Sassy
Cautious Impulsive
Social Reserved
Intelligence Ignorant
Emotional Rational
Productive Lazy

One trait that follow’s Taji throughout his life is being a very loving, kindhearted and down to earth fox! He wants to be kind, gentle and do good by others...even if that proves to be difficult due to how he’s been treated by everyone around him.

Taji is super emotional and often gets wrapped in his despair. Sadness is a feeling that almost never leaves and has trouble moving past that. He often feels worthless, lost, unloved and trapped with no way of escaping.

Can be extremely self destructive and irrational in his thoughts- acting out without thinking things through or how they will affect him and those around him. Taji Holds a lot of anger and bitterness in his heart, often lashing out, being agresssive and careless.

Due to the manipulation and hatred of the cat colony, he has very negative and awful views about foxes (and in term himself)

Short Background

Taji, being 3yrs old when Dismantle starts, was born into the group of foxes well known for being brutal and cunning who originally chased the cats from their home. The foxes are raised from a young age to believe their side is right and to value each other over outsiders- betrayal is the ultimate crime in their eyes. Despite this, Taji felt different from his family and peers- he was considerate, always questioned their choices and was often afraid of fighting.

His life changed forever the day he met the feline scout, Zera and so did his view on those around him

  • Taji's probably my favourite OC and a huge comfort character! He + his story means a lot to me for personal reasons :]

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