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Hi, I'm Mae/Willie! I'm here to make stories and characters, and have a good time! I am almost always online, but please understand that I'm not a super social person! If you'd like to talk, you can DM me or comment on any profile/image/etc! I will respond as I am able! :D

Please Do Not

  • Add any of my characters to wishlist/shopping/dreamie folders (unless they're already ufs/t)! 99% Of my ocs are forever homed, and it makes me anxious to have them added to 'shopping lists'! If you add one of my ocs to a folder like this, I will just silently delete it, unless you mass-dreamie, because then I may temporarily block you!

General Content Warnings

  • Self Harm/Depreciation
  • Death/Murder/Suicide
  • Gang Activity/Mentions
  • & more! Please tread carefully!
  • I do not condone any of my characters' illegal/immoral activities! Please always take care of yourself!

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