2 years, 9 months ago


adopted from paperstar on FA, Bonjangles is a Sock Baby and he is Peachy Peachy's lil buddy.

INFO ABOUT SOCK BABIES from the creator:
- They usually pick one sock and attach to it for the rest of their life.
- The socks usually match their own colours, but sometimes they'll be completely random.
- Some prefer patterned socks, some prefer plain.
- They sleep at least 10 hours a day.
- When they're awake, they never go very far without their sock. Some never let their sock leave their grasp.
- They don't do well in extreme temperatures.
- They'll get along with everything and everyone.
- Generally, no two Babies will want the same sock.
- They like to eat crumbs of anything. Crackers, cake, bread, etc.
- They can live off of pure sugar water like hummingbirds.