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Willow is an experimental cyborg created illegally by a rogue lab. He was saved by law enforcement and is now a college student, doing his best to live a normal life.


Willow was created illegally and unethically in a rogue lab. He was the only surviving cyborg they managet to put together. Law enforcement found out, however, and shut the lab down, saving Willow from further experiments.

Willow was given a small sum of money by the government and sent off to college, where he was able to briefly participate in a research project on AI and robots coexisting with humans in society. When their funds were cut, however, he was booted and left homeless.

He was taken in by Vivi, a fellow cyborg who sympathizes with him. Willow developed a huge crush on him, but is too scared of rejection to act on it.

Willow is still struggling with trauma to this day, but he's slowly working through it.


Willow has a nervous disposition and is a bit jumpy. He struggles to allow anyone to be close to him, but when he does he's an absolute sweetheart. He would literally die for anyone who shows him kindness.

Willow has anxiety, but he doesn't show any obvious signs of it most of the time even though his mind is in chaos. He suffers from post traumatic stress, his triggers being syringes, exacto knives, being grabbed, and neon ceiling lights.

To cope with his mental health issues, Willow picked up singing from Vivi and Aria, and although he does it casually he finds great joy in doing it.


Vivi is Willow's closest friend. He lives in Vivi's room after he was left homeless, and he has a crush on him. He is eternally grateful to Vivi and feels like he's indebted to him.

Aria is Vivi's roommate. They have a relationship of mutual respect, but Willow's a bit intimidated by them. He knows it's irrational, but he feels like they hate him.

Design notes

  • His glasses are half-hexagons
  • His heels are filled with fluid (for the aesthetic)
  • He has extra eye growths on the left side of his body


  • His extra eyes are benign mutations (like moles) and the only thing they can do is blink and perceive light
  • His skeleton is metal, but the rest of his body is organic except for a few brain implants that make it possible to export his memories