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An idol! He has rainbow hair and sparkles and can sing and dance and play all kinds of instruments, and more if he eats the right people to absorb their abiities. 

Little bro of the three siblings that run the covert Corpus shapeshifter family

He tries to looks sugary and innocent on TV, speaks for all kinds of good causes and doesn't get into major social controversies, but it's a carefully formed persona. He's a total cutthroat, offs and eats people and gets his brothers to cover it up. He uses them to some extent but he tempers it much more than he treats others, because despite being a bit of a brat he looks up to his brothers more than anything. In a way they have quite a bit of power over his success too, because they run a lot of social control as well and he trusts them to do what's best. He can be real whiny and snide unless it's this brothers making requests. He will sometimes use his fame to spread messages for their shapeshifter family.

His feet have burns from a Life Fountain (framed by PR as crazed fan) but he can still walk/jog, just uncomfortably and needs frequent treatment and good footwear. This is framed as a 'deranged stalker's attack' which gets his fanbase riled up, and extra sympathetic for him.

Shifters start off wormy brain things that need to be fed a weakened body as quickly as possible so they can take a viable form, but Fen didn't get one for years. He's considered a sort of messiah of shifters since he lasted so long and still turned out pretty powerful. As a half-asleep brain in a jar he observed but did not suffer abuse/enslavement under the Anima clan (which Corpus overthrew) so he's disgusted by a lot of traditions but considers himself distanced from them. But before he became an idol he stalked around town chopping at people in a very plain looking form.... like any desperate shapeshifter. Tentative backstory is he crashed a big boyband audition, ate and replaced a contestant, and found that he naturally had an aptitude for it....

  • He enjoys instagram and giant robot anime. He likes natto for breakfast.
  • He collects fancy footwear like winged sneaks though they need to be modified for him to wear them with his leg braces. Good thing he's got cash.
  • His brothers have cat-ish forms but he likes dogs better (he's a ★sparklefox★) He is unnaturally good at making friends with cats though he can be kind of cruel.
  • He is good at math and mostly uses it to tear through video games and argue with people on the internet. He enjoys winning arguments, but easily blocks out and dismisses "losses"

beast dance