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Turn on up and let me see all of your smiling faces!
 Stage star
 Looks like a teenager
 25 Dec (Capricorn)
 Blacklight Keeto

is a  Shapeshifter. [His family is able to capture some skills and memories of those they consume.]

A teenage idol solo act, Fen is a multipotentialite star with a sharp but endearing personality, and using everything in his arsenal, he tries to build as far-reaching of a persona as he can on behalf of the Corpus family. He was always something of a cutthroat, but doing so in a glittery fashion turned out to be his calling. Not every talent was pinched from someone else, he's a natural with music, speech-writing, his memory is above average and he was a good dancer before getting his legs burned. His public face is smart but innocent: the perfect celebrity youngling - and it's easy for him to hide from the press by morphing his face into something else when he's feeling a bit less savory. He isn’t above playing dirty, to the point of murder and good old-fashioned shifter cannibalism, to elevate himself.

Fen has a taste for social media and has a very strong following. Having his tech mogul brother Hro at his side makes it easy to cover his tracks, smoke out trolls, and execute some nasty retaliation on opposition. He has little trust or respect in others, but often wants their power - that's where shapeshifting gives him a leg up. Fen moulds himself to fit time and place, with total disregard for playing 'fair' or being true to yourself. While he is a meticulous shifter, he sees it like honing a weapon and not a true expression of self. Steal someone's face and you can take everything they have. The world is all about appearances, after all.

Fen's talented no doubt, but spoiled as the baby of the family, reluctant as he is to admit it. As a 'miracle survivor' among shifters he's gotten quite a bit of flattery over his life. Proud and headstrong as he is, he will still fall back to his brothers often when he make missteps. They are the some of the only people he respects and does not consider dirt beneath his feet; he actually looks up to them, but it's such a rare sentiment that he ends up doing silly things to impress. As a result they are more protective of him than he’d like. For Van and Hro, he wants to one day be seen an equal leader, not the the TV-perfect ‘little kid’ to shielded from all danger. But he just can’t seem to find an alternative act that will actually work on them.

  • The Corpus brothers are in their 40s if counting from literal birth date. Fen looks young and is mentally young because he was a disembodied, immobile larva until his brothers' demolished the Anima family, so he hasn’t been sentient as long. In larval form he learned a lot by ear, since his brothers would talk to him, but he could not respond. Since becoming his own person, he puts extra care into his communication skills - honing his ability to manipulate.
  • Everything he heard during his formless days in the Anima basement solidly raised him to be against traditional shapeshifters. He sees himself as above the rabble (he did pull off some miraculous things) and thinks a shifter getting caught for overeating, being socially inept with their stolen form, or living in the pits out of pride in a failing culture, is pretty stupid.
  • He can always put on an act, but doesn't genuinely get along with any other kids, and he is way too competitive to make friends with other celebrities.
  • He’s a fan of giant robots and superhero comics. These might be the only reasons he’ll talk to other kids without huge disagreements.
  • His math skills and memory are very good. It's helpful with performances, as well as arguing about superhero power levels on the Internet. Bring on the spreadsheets calculating how much weight per square meter punch-man needed to apply to stop the train and how the resulting force would have killed everyone on board
  • Fen isn’t crazy about sweets, other than for making cute photo ops. He likes snacks that are salty, and sour fruit. He also enjoys natto for breakfast which even his bros don’t condone.
  • Even injured, he can still walk and even run to some extent, but he has to take care of the burned skin. He has some implants that allow him to compensate for lost leg power, even boost his mobility above what it was before, but he dislikes how the wires look.
  • Since his legs were burned, Fen has held back on transformations and worked on his sympathetic social outreach. He can rile fans up with a sad pout, and is starting to be seen as a figurehead for the disabled.
    • Disabled humans, that is. Though he is beginning to get the admiration of more modernized shifters too. It's nice to have someone representing you in media... even if it's someone who'd probably tread all over you in person.