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Basic Info










July 13




Genderfluid (he/him or they/them)



Character class

Freelancer Engineer


Socialized health care, chinese food, shark week on discovery channel, artful flower arrangements


Omnipotent witches, Jeopardy, Uno, injury

Favorite color =)


How many bears could they take in a fistfight

None on their own!

customer testimonials

"DFUCKEC UP" - Isoprene


"I'm Jerry, from Denver."

                                   - Jerry

Appearence and Personality

Jerry appears to be a completely average human... which really makes them stand out at Hell College, ironically. Despite having no magical ability to speak of, nor any way to defend themself from average everyday violence on the demonic campus, Jerry is honestly quite well-liked among their significantly more powerful peers. Being generally friendly and respectful to everyone gets you far, even in hell... 

They work hard and keep their head held up high, knowing that the road ahead will be difficult (if not impossible), but nothing can trump the power of friendship, focus, and the human spirit... right...?

They're surprisingly unfazed by all the weird shit they're suddenly surrounded by, finding the experience to honestly be pretty cool. Not like they were doing anything else with their life anyway.

Powers and Abilities

Jerry took a martial arts class in 6th grade, and vaguely remembers some of the exercises performed as warmups. They're practically an MMA champion... in spirit...!

As an engineering student at Hell College, Jerry does have access to the many, many different weapons developed by the Science faculty. Their weapon of choice is a mech suit that reminds them of a movie they saw when they were like 9. Whatever stops you from dying in the labyrynth below your hell campus, I guess... Their reflexes and ability to multitask gained from years of playing strategy and shooter games proves surprisingly practical, though.

On their own though, their lone supernatural trait is whether or not their soul belongs to a witch in whichever iteration of Entirety is currently the focus of the story, and they have little to no magical potential or special abilities, unless baldness counts as an ability...

... or do they? [scare chord]


Jerry was your average twenty-something, born and raised in Denver, Colorodo. After flunking out of an engineering degree at a decent college, they spent their days working at the local coffee shop. It was boring, but it was peaceful.

They... really didn't do anything notable before being kidnapped by a shady cult one evening while out for a run. They were "sacrificed" to the so-called Goddess of Emptiness, a fake and not real diety clearly made up by a bunch of people who were taking their dungeons and dragons campaign too seriously! 

The demonic portal that appeared at the center of the Generic Circle Of Candles And Salt And Whatever Else These Types Use In Occult Rituals was certainly real, though. They were pulled into The Void and flung around for a while. It was kind of cool.

 Conveniently popping out of the void right in the core of the Underking of Pride, Cerebrus -- a massive complex of computers controlled by a large, brain-like entity -- Jerry accidentally became the sole witness, outside of a handful of Hell College officials, to a horrible and disturbing secret!!! They became entwined in a massive conspiracy, but for whatever reason wasn't killed on the spot. They're now under the personal protection of Cerebrus to ensure they don't fall into the hands of Heaven College spies... But hey, they were also given a scholarship to the most hellishly prestigious engineering school in Entirety, run by the horrible monster that ensured their safety. What could possibly go wrong?