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him big flort gay, maybe a werewoof

fusion characters:
- rukey greentail (pyre)
- wilson p. higgsbury (don't starve)
- remus sanders (sanders sides)
- lycus artois (tattered world)
- plague knight (shovel knight)
- gary the gadget guy (club penguin)
- dorian pavus (dragon age)
- mollymauk tealeaf (critical role)
- j'zargo (skyrim)
- quentin agorath (runewriters)

- alchemy!! science, magic, potions, PROBABLY EXPLOSIONS, sometimes controlled
- very extra, flamboiyant, hes gonna put on a show and u cant stop him
- he dresses extra but reasonably safely? reasonably being subjective - his coat’s fancy but also like, thick and protective
- probably wears gloves, probably fingerless, definitely nail polish
- so many necklaces, some probably got secret vials of Stuff others are just Aesthetic you wont know which
- the biggest gay to ever gay

- part of the researcher’s guild
- (adventurer’s guild has various specialisations e.g. research, defence, exploration, etc. to organise jobs + teams better)

- his specific research focus is on monsters - strengths, weaknesses, uses for monster loot etc.

- involves hands on field research and various Sciencey Nonsense
- generally they go fight stuff, bring back the dead monsters and study it a whole bunch, go out to find more monsters to test their hypothesis on, etc.
- more danger than regular research

- monster researchers tend to join other groups as temp. members, assist the group w their goal, get the monster stuff u need, everyone wins
- (not all researchers do this, some just hire adventurers to do the field work - but researchers are big nerds and like to see their work in action so a lot will at the very least set up an escort mission or something)

- regis prob knows a buncha the bigger explorers p well plus a buncha the researchers
- hes charismatic!! one of the more well known researchers, for better or worse
- (his fight style is... explosive, he has a Reputation)
- (also he flirts with like every single dude)
- (wait who am i kidding hes part dorian he platonic flirts with all the ladies too)

- (owain doesnt like his impulsive + reckless fighting style lmao theyve probably argued over it before on the few times regis’s joined owain in the field it doesnt help that theyre both hecka gay ha)

- something something tfw late night research on some werewolf monster is going too well and its 4am and ur in the zone and whoops that cup wasnt ur coffee that sure was a sample itll probably be fine tho

- spoiler: not fine

- anyway via Research he probably works out ways to suppress the wolf monster transformations - for people fighting them during the specific moon cycles, ofc
- hes been focusing on those wolves in his research a lot recently and hes been making some v interesting breakthroughs!! he must be studying them real closely
- wonder where the sudden big interest came from? ah well, science types amirite

- coincidentally hes gained a new necklace, but thats nothing special - hes always wearing fancy stuff
- (despite the necklace he still has to concentrate to suppress transformations, and areas w heavy magic use can mess with it - sometimes teefs or ears slip through
- its also probably sorta painful, tho u bet ur butt hes tryna hide THAT
- dont want anyone tryna persuade him to visit some kinda Doctor)

- im not saying that the transformation slips at a poor time or someone pulls the necklace off him or he transforms to rescue someone he cares about but maybe yes all of the above somehow
- if i make it poly i can have all the various Discoveries right thats how this works?

werewolf nonsense and other things subject to change, im just dropping all the random notes ive scribbled everywhere in here for future me to deal with