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» Basics
Name Timaeus Elsevier Woodworth-Morley, Ph.D.
Gender Cis male (he/him)
Age 53
Ancestry Half-elf
Class Cleric/Wizard/Sorceror
Alignment NG
» About

I need to make a wiki-style disambiguation page tbh. This Timaeus is the original, a character I rolled up as a backup for an old Pathfinder campaign, that I converted to a Danganronpa OC because I still wanted to RP him, and then got converted back into a Pathfinder character when I got the chance to play him in our 2E playtest game.

Timaeus is the bedraggled professor of the party, and often complains when things don't move at his thorough but glacial pace. Despite the occasional snark, though, he cares deeply for his friends and tries to do the right thing when he can. As a cleric of the god of magic, Nethys, his life's mission is learning and preserving ancient knowledge-- but with the events of Doomsday Dawn, he's wondering now if that's always such a good idea. He's a bit meta-aware of the dangers of dungeoneering, via his love of tales of adventure.

» Appearance

Timaeus is a tall, scruffy half-elf with medium brown skin, bright green eyes, and a large nose. His greying hair is at least waist-length, and sometimes pulled back in a half-ponytail or braid. His adventuring gear is the religious/academic regalia of a cleric of Nethys, featuring a floppy wizard hat split down the middle like Nethys' mask. His right arm and chest are covered in burns from a dragon attack, and he keeps them wrapped in bandages under his clothes.

» Likes
epic poetry
having a plan
fancy shampoo
» Dislikes
fried foods
» Details
» Backstory

Timaeus Woodworth was born in Katapesh, to a Garundi human and a Kyonin elf who crossed paths when they were shackled together on an Okeno slaver ship. He doesn't know this, though— he was barely old enough to walk when his mother left him on the doorstep of a temple, just before she and her lover would be auctioned off to the highest bidders, and prayed that the fickle but powerful Nethys might grant their son a chance at a better life.

The only family Timaeus knows is the clergy of the Holy Bibliotheca of Katapesh, a group of wizards and clerics alike who have devoted their lives to preservation of magical knowledge and history in the name of Nethys. They raised him as their own, and put him to work in the scriptorium as soon as he was old enough to master a quill. Though he continued to work in there until he left the temple, being a humanoid copy machine wasn't really his dream career.

On break, he would "sneak" out to the Bibliotheca archives and read shelves upon shelves of books, learning everything he could about the world outside his library. Despite his love for all things history and arcane, his favorite books were always the bardic tales of adventure and exploration— finally, at the age of 25 (barely even an adult!) he told his colleagues that he wanted to go out and see the world for himself.

They sent him on a few courier missions at first, delivering documents and messages from temple to temple, but he quickly graduated to working on his own. He wanders Golarion in search of rare and ancient texts to send back to his home temple-- or he did, until he was recruited by a secret organization to stop an apocalypse, as you do.

» Doomsday Dawn

While in Magnimar on a business trip, Timaeus was contacted by a noble named Keleri Deverin to join a team of fresh adventurers and rescue a precious family heirloom from a goblin hideout. What he thought would be a simple paycheck turned into something far more dire when he found the other items of interest in that sewer: a ragged journal entitled "Notes on the Last Theorem," and a scrying pool that showed an image of himself, years older, trudging across a vast desert as the stars blinked out one by one.

Upon seeing the journal, Keleri revealed her identity as a high-ranking member of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, a secret society devoted to keeping world-threatening magical knowledge out of the hands of evil. This book confirmed her suspicions that Necerion, a powerful sorceror and Chelish diplomat, was in fact working with the Night Heralds, a cult dedicated to the Dominion of the Black, and that the two of them were definitely up to no good. She offered the party membership in the Order, and Timaeus immediately accepted-- he knew his fate was entwined with this Theorem somehow, and it would do no good to fight it.

Under Keleri's direction, Timaeus became the lead researcher into the Last Theorem and the doomsday clocks, later joined by Drs. Sylvanus Morley and Verid Oscilar.


» Post-"Apocalypse"

With the pendulum and the Last Theorem destroyed and all of his years of research classified by the Order, Timaeus had no idea what to do with the rest of his life-- and that turned out to be a good thing for him. He formally broke ties with the Holy Bibliotheca, married the love of his life, moved in next door to Peas at Grampa's lake, wrote some mediocre adventure novels, and caught up on the countless hours of sleep he'd lost over the whole doomsday ordeal. It wasn't long before he was ready to get back in the action, though.

After a year of sabbatical, Drs. Timaeus and Sylvanus Woodworth-Morley have returned to academia in full force. Gossip persists about their mysterious years-long absence and the potential effects of their relationship on their work, but no one can deny that their research is unprecedentedly thorough.

» Relationships
Sylvanus His darling husband and research partner. They are prone to fierce academic debate, but only do so out of mutual respect for each other's intellect-- at home, they are a pair of lovebirds.
Peas His closest friend and next-door neighbor. Her kindness and frankness inspired him to rethink his priorities and consider what he truly wants out of life.
Kaandra Even after all these years, he's still a little terrified of her, but has grown to enjoy her company. He's pleased that she and Syl are getting along, too.
Hildegard They still piss each other off on occasion, but he sympathizes with her more than he'd care to admit. He wishes the best for her marriage and new legal enterprise.
Lukas Sad to see him go, but understands he's found a calling elsewhere. Hopes to see him again someday.
Jemini It's doubtful Tim will ever forgive himself for the, uh, teleport incident. He can only hope that Jem is doing all right, wherever in the multiverse he wound up.
Tempus Regrets not being able to find him a way home, but appreciates his help during the darkest hours of their adventure.
» Trivia
● Timaeus Woodworth has ELEVEN CANTRIPS. ELEVEN
● I hate playing spellcasters!! why did I do this!!!
● The very first incarnation of Timaeus was a dimension hopper, so technically, there's a canon basis for him having so many AU verisons of himself.
● Timaeus's spiritual guardian manifests as a massive golem in the regalia of a college president who speaks exclusively in kitschy Latin proverbs.

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