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Alt Mode

Koenigsegg Agera



A large medium range cybertronian, shares a build like most other car-alt mode cybertronians, a bit on the bulkier side with broad shoulders and torso. No paint of any kind, just the raw steel makes for Merka's coloration as she finds paint and re-painting to be a waste of time if it's just going to be chipped off in a fight. Likewise, her lights and eyes are all just white, seeing no need to have any color. The autobot brand is merely embossed into the chaasis itself.

Her alt-mode is a Koenigsegg Agera, except with the lack of paint as expressed before. 


On duty, a good soldier and guard, follows guides pretty closely but isn't married to the rulebook, depending on the situation. The type to take command if a call to action is needed, but doesn't crave the role of commander. That being said, she isn't considered a pushover or soft by any means. Off Duty, she's far more jovial and loud and a little rough and tumble with everyone. Enjoys a good friendly scrap, nothing mean-spirited about it, just punching for punching's sake. 

In contrast the somewhat laid back and jovial personality, Merka is strangely practical in furnishing tastes, not caring much for frivolities. As if it wasn't telling enough in her appearance, seeing her room and it's very sparse furnishings would be clear enough. Her living quarters are also kept very clean an orderly.


A frontlines brawler, she deals best in hand to hand combat than anything else. Apart from just general physical force and prowess, she isn't bad with hand held martial weapons, and even weilds a pair of retractable blades on her wrists. However, she doesn't care for the feel of ranged weapons. Honorbound in her approach to combat, Merka prefers being a part of the fight itself.

She also possesses good leadership qualities, capable of making quick and sound decisions in a fast and tense environment. In more than a few occasions when general command was lacking, Merka has taken up the mantel with little hesitation. While Merka has contemplated a potential leadership position, she also feels pretty content in the battlefield as it already stands. 

Personal Life

Duty and the battlefield are what make up most of Merka's life and concerns. Little time is left for down time, but when there is, it's usually spent at the local dives and bars, socializing with a few good friends and getting rowdy. That and maybe getting the week's damages sorted out, organizing, and a bit of light reading. Mostly more dry subjects such as history and documentations. Also enjoys repetative, rudimentary tasks, and is fond of puzzles.