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Dakota Daiquiri 

32 ✦ She/Her/Hers ✦ Mom friend



● Dakota is a Harpy and as such is quite the matriarch in any group. She is wise when needed but otherwise she's known to be flirty, fun loving and laid back. Unless you upset her 'brood'. Word of advice; Don't do that??

● She wont let her friends acquire bad habits like she has (smoking and drinking), often citing it's because she's older, even when she's the same age as the person. 

●  If you're not flirted with by Dakota she will baby you. 

●  Sometimes uses outdated slang

● Pinterest Board


Dakota has paler than pale skin and dark purple eyes. She wears eye shadow and sometimes lipstick in either purple or pink.  She has small eyebrows and sometimes has a piercing in one (that is usually hidden under her bangs) and 3 piercings in each ear. She has purple hair swooped over to the side.

She has medium purple wings with yellow talons. These can be used as a second set of arms. 

  • - Clothes shopping 
  • - Doing other people's makeup/hair
  • - Sewing and modifying clothes
  • - Piercings and tattoos 
  • - Sweet drinks 
  • - People hassling her and her friends
  • - People prejudging her 
  • - Humanoid children 
  • - Moulting season 
  • - Greasy things (food etc)




Dakota can be considered Shae's best friend and her work mum (though don't call Dakota that to her face). They're the definition of controlled chaos and are a force to be reckoned with.

They're quite different and have very different likes and dislikes but it's what makes them work well together.


If you mess with Jessie, you mess with Dakota. Dakota instantly felt the maternal need to protect Jessie when he arrived at Base. 

Jessie was initially scared of Dakota but has grown to trust her and will to her when he needs help.


Drinking buddies. They often joke that they are the mum and dad of the group. 

While their fashion styles differ greatly they still enjoy dressing up with each other and talking about new clothes and accessories.

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