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  • Gonzo

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  • "You get hit with those cannons—they melt your bones and stuff, into a little pile! It's like you were never even there..."

Once upon a time, Gonzo was merely a stormchaser, a nomad in a junker of a camper van only running because of his own handiwork. He'd always been interested in the stranger side of life, the slippery government dealings, the question of extraterrestrials—but mostly, he lived for funnel clouds and traveling cross-country as cheaply as possible. All credit to his ingenuity; from an incredibly young age, Gonzo was able to pull it off.

But come closer to the new millennium, something changed. Some event happened, something that shook Gonzo to his core, and the bunny boy was never quite the same—and he won't let anyone close enough to tell what it was. Once curious, once constantly roaming, Gonzo's since parked his van at the outskirts of the Valley Cascadia and guards it against the coming alien invaders with his life. He's often frazzled and sleepless, completely willing to believe fortune tellers, mediums, and psychics about the future and paranoid that every errant conspiracy theory is completely true.

Gonzo's by no means dumb. He has an incredible amount of mechanical know-how on cars, amateur radio (on which his callsign, K7UFO, has gained something of a reputation for bizarre rants, and undoubtedly someone out there is taping them whenever he goes live), and weather patterns (at least, as much as someone without burgeoning improved doppler radar can have). He certainly knows how to piece things together in an emergency, even when that emergency gets him a little (or a lot) jumpy.

The hope is that one day, Gonzo can get some closure and peace from whatever he worries is out there, even if doing that might require contact with them.