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Basic Info


His real name is unknown. He prefers to be called Comedy


Also unknown. He thinks somewhere in his twenties




Very unknown. He really only celebrates the 13ths that fall on Fridays






Pansexual, with a "they look interesting" lean




Drug Dealer


He likes to go by 'Comedy'
His real name is unknown

Has a fondness for sitting in creepy, dark, out of reach places
in the middle of the night
without so much as uttering a sound..
because being creepy and scaring the shit out of people is hilarious 



► Personality

MANIPULATIVE :: Comedy is CRAZY good at getting his way.  He was born with a silver tongue, and uses it to his advantage every day with every single person he comes across.
A LIL BIT CRAZY :: His sanity isn't exactly where it should be, and who could really blame him.  The way he sees it, if anyone else woke up in his situation, they wouldn't have been able to handle it half as well as he did.  So what if a normal person would scream and call the cops?  He's still alive, isn't he?
ORGANIZED :: When you're running a one man drug ring, you've gotta be at least a little kept together.  Comedy is actually a little bit up tight about keeping a schedule, because when one thing falls through, it has the potential to make everything crumble to dust.
HAPPY :: WELL.  He says he is anyways.  He just finds life to be a bit more fun to handle with a smile on his face, and a hum in his voice.. even if it creeps people out.  Though in all actuality, the more frightened people are of him, the more entertained he is.
ANTISOCIAL :: While he's great at getting people to do what he wants them too, he doesn't like dealing with people more than he needs to.  Weekends are for him, and he'll spend both days completely locked up in his warehouse to disassociate himself with the outside world.

► History

*Prior information is LOCKED*

Most of his history is a mystery, even to him.  His earliest memory is waking up in an underground warehouse filled with high quality drugs, and wearing nothing but the blood of the unfamiliar bodies surrounding him.  Among the many bodies he woke up next to, he came to find a lot of them wore masks, so he took the 'happiest' looking one for himself, and 'Comedy' was officially born.  Something tickled the back of his mind as he fitted his mask to his face, and all though he couldn't recall whatever it was his brain was trying so desperately to remember, it struck him as funny.. and so he laughed.

Though his situation was unknown to him, Comedy quickly took to disposing of the bodies, as the warehouse seemed to be prepped for that purpose just a floor below, and took in his surroundings.  The warehouse was lost in the middle of nowhere, the only entrance, and exit hidden safely away under an abandoned house.  It was unlikely anyone knew what had happened to the people inside, though Comedy thought it would be best to stake the place out for a few days to make sure.  When no one else came by, his plan to sell the drugs in the warehouse was put into motion.

The next couple years of his life came and went.  He loved the money he made.  He loved the thrill of escaping the cops.  He loved waiting around for clients and scaring the life out of the clueless people who happened to pass him by.  He loved it all.  This made him happy.

...Though something seemed to be missing...

► Relationship(s)

Tragedy - TBA

► Likes

✔   BEING CREEPY.  It's his favorite pass time.  If he can get at least one person to scream, or swear at him for being a weird asshole, he considers it to be a good day.
✔   EXTRAVAGANT AND EXPENSIVE FOODS.  What it all really boils down to is he just loves spoiling himself.  The more expensive the food, the better.
✔   BLACK.  It's his favorite color, and really makes his mask stand out all the more at night when he's just sitting around waiting for business.
✔   SMILING.  You don't need a reason to be happy.. right?
✔   CLEANLINESS.  Cleanliness is next to godliness after all, and that's about the only reason he could sneak his way past those pearly gates.
✔   IDIOTS.  They're the easiest to fool after all.
✔   LAUGHING.  It's the only sound he'll make in the dead of the night when someone hasn't noticed him stooped up out of reach.  It almost guarantees him a scream every time.
✔   RAIN.  Comedy can't explain the reason he loves it as much as he does.  The cold water just feels so wonderful against his skin.
✔   NIGHTTIME WHITE NOISE.  One of the only soothing noises to him.  Crickets chirping.  Frogs croaking.  A gentle breeze slipping past the buildings.  Nothing is more peaceful to him.
✔   HANDHELD VIDEO GAMES.  It's something he does to pass the time while waiting on someone else to buy from him.

► Dislikes

✘   ALCOHOL.  He can't stand the taste, or the smell of it.  And he usually associates it with more undesirable buyers.
✘   GRABBY CLIENTS.  Nothing pisses Comedy off more than a buyer trying to touch him.  If they ignore his only warning, he's quick to immobilize them, usually knocking them out so he can make an easy retreat..  He can't stand being touched without consent.
✘   DAY TIME.  He's more of a night owl, and finds the sun to be a bit too cheery, even for him.
✘   FILTH.  There is something that seriously irks him about a person or place not being cleaned up.  If dealing with a dirty looking buyer, he doesn't stick around for long.
✘   DOGS.  If he notices a dog sniffing around nearby a place he sells at, he will refuse to do business there anymore.  He just doesn't trust them.
✘   CHOCOLATE.  He actually doesn't understand why people like it as much as they do.  The smell alone is enough to make him retch.
✘   SHOWING HIS FACE.  Even showing off his mouth to someone is a bit much for him.  The only time he'll walk around without his mask on is when he's in need of groceries, or top tier restaurant food--and even then, he's not out of the warehouse for more than an hour at a time.
✘   COPS.  While he has fun outsmarting them, he's still very wary of their presence, and usually keeps a police scanner nearby.
✘   HEAT.  Comedy doesn't like to sweat, and what makes you sweat more than a good romp around the bed?  Heat of course.

► Extra Information

✿   While he's a strange, and somewhat intimidating person, Comedy has never actually taken a life.  He's more about taking a threat down and knocking them out, and safe escape routes.
✿   Comedy has a small insignia branded onto his left pectoral.  He's unsure of what the insignia is for, but he hates it all the same and prefers to keep it covered.
✿   He really has no idea what happened to him prior to him first waking up in the warehouse.  Comedy doesn't know his own name, and isn't sure if he even has any relatives in the area.
✿   While he doesn't know his own name, and although he doesn't much care for people, he does crave the idea of having a person for himself to keep him company that he enjoys having around.  He figures if they get close enough, he will let that person name him.
✿   Comedy may not be the most decent person around, but he's not known to go out of his way to kick a person when they're down.  He sees no point making someone more miserable than they already are.
✿   In fact, if he spots someone noticeably sad, he draws a small smiley face on a blue post it note and sticks it to the person's back--normally without being noticed.

This character was created by banANNUmon