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General Warnings

  • I have plenty of characters that will likely use stronger language
  • There will possibly be themes like.. 
    • Underage smoking, drinking, etc
    • Family issues (bad relationships, deaths, adoption, etc. I feel like slightly messed up families are kind of a thing I do a lot, oops)
    • Possible other darker themes, relating to things like death, suicide, and more which may be triggering!
  • I'll try to add specific warnings to any characters that need them, but if there is anything triggering that's not mentioned please, please let me know!

  • Basically, don't snatch my characters, please and thank you
  • I really love getting art of my characters, so no need to ask if you wanna give them a little doodle! Though, if you want to draw something really crazy, or change important features, or anything that you just aren't sure about, do feel free to ask, I won't bite!
    • Side note, please keep in mind I am a minor. I don't mind if you want something flirty or whatever, go ahead, just check first if you're unsure!
Other Info

  • I have a busy schedule and a terrible memory. Sorry if I take twelve years to reply to you, please don't hesitate to shoot a reminder message if it's been a little bit!
  • This also means I'll probably forget to tell you if I have to go sometimes, so sorry if I disappear!
Thanks for reading! <33

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