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Name: Deirdre

Called: Deirdre ar an bhfarraige 

Age: 247

Length: 8 metres

Ethnicity: Irish

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Family Members: "Naoise an Caillte" (deceased), Gaiar, Aebgreine (status unknown)

Deirdre is a vetehi who lives in the Irish sea. She is seen as a foreboding figure, a creature that brings sorrow to all in her path. As a result, she has become closed off and aloof, only allowing a few creatures to get to know her. She's cautious and careful when getting to know others, but sometimes she wishes it weren't like that. Deirdre is very lost and lonely.

It wasn't always like that.

Her personality changed after a disastrous fishing accident that took the lives of several brave sailors and her family. All that Deirdre can remember of that fateful day was the strong waves crashing the boat into the waves, the harpoon that took away her beloved Naoise and crashing into a bed of sharp rocks. The accident took everything away from her: Her children were missing, her beloved was killed and her companions were presumably killed as well. The rocks injured her head and damaged her right eye severely. Everything was different after that.

It took a few years for Deirdre to find herself again. She became angry, lashing out at everything. She raised hell over any ships she saw. The humans saw her as invasive and tried to capture her, but Deirdre did not hesitate in causing numerous fatalities. She was hurt, how dare you hurt her?! She wanted others to feel her pain and anguish. Her anger and her sorrow could be heard far throughout the ocean, and it was enough to make the other creatures stay away from her.

Wretched a life is when lived alone.

Nowadays she has calmed down. She doesn't cause senseless destruction and instead observes from afar all by herself. If anybody dares to hurt her again, there will be casualties. It does not matter who it comes from, Deirdre will make sure they feel what she has felt. Humans do not trust her and they have passed on stories about the beautiful monster in the sea. The few foolish souls who try to capture her or catch a glimpse of her are faced with severe punishment. She will never let the humans take anything from her ever again.

The few friends she has say that she is fiercely protective. She would never let them get in harm's way. Destruction will fall on any creature who hurts the people close to her. 

Deirdre spends her time residing in sunken ships, wandering alone in the vast ocean. She misses her beloved, her children and companions greatly and sometimes wanders as if they are with her, mournfully wishing for a time gone past. She thinks that maybe it's time for a change and she should explore other seas. She may visit that little sea-captain in her employ and convince him to start a journey...

Notable Vetehi Traits:
Flat chested (they are not mammals!!)
No horns (R)
Large gems (R)
Back fins
Very large tail tip (R)
Big paddles (R)
Pointy nails and webbed fingers (R)
Webbed neck spikes