Mal Oakford



2 years, 9 months ago

Basic Info


Malcolm Brook Oakford




Genderfluid (male-agender)






East Asian

Eye color


Hair color

Dark brown




Short, fat, wide+short legs


Low, soft, kind of flat


Sweet, skittish, trying to get by. He hates bad jokes almost as much as he hates to admit it.

Notable relationships

Close friend and housemate of Leo; close friend and housemate of Oliv; concerned nephew of Amy; ex(?) and close friend of John


Personality and Bio
Mal is very friendly, personable, and affectionate; but also gloomy and off putting, no sense of humor or sarcasm radar. Very sensitive and cares a lot about the feelings of others around him. He has terrible anger management, stifling it until it comes out in an outburst. He will tend to say and do things very regrettable to him at these times. Though very patient, he will get cranky when it wears thin. Gets very anxious in the face of conflict and tries to dodge it until he's pushed too far. Very jumpy and hates loud noises.
He usually moves slowly yet gracefully; but when agitated or angry, he's fast and clumsy.

Up to around age 10, Mal lived with his mother Rosemary. After that, her financial situation was dire and she couldn't really sustain two people, so ultimately Mal wound up moving in with Amy. This did take a lot of adjustment for everyone as Amy was not at all used to the idea of living with someone else, but it worked out nonetheless. As time went on, Mal became good friends with a kid named John. At around 14, Mal and John started dating, and things were working well between them for the most part; both had their share of personal problems, but they supported each other mutually overall. A year or so later though, John finished a pair of digitally enhanced glasses he'd been working on... which seemed to make him sick with a strange virus. It was all really inexplicable; and also really messed John up. It all manifested to a point, and he wound up dumping Mal out of self hatred. Mal was completely distraught and desperately trying to help him, but it all escalated; ultimately leading to both John and Amy's infections with interference. Mal went into a depression for a few months; within that time, Amy took Leo in. Mal shared his room with Leo, and though the two were excruciatingly awkward at first, they wound up supporting each other a lot in the long run. Eventually, Mal would have more run-ins with John, trying to help convince him to seek treatment, but to no avail. 
As time went on, Mal started to feel strange; he was always in a fog, and started to anger a lot easier. The symptoms worsened until his nose started to run with a black, pixelated substance... as it turned out, interference was also contagious by air, not just physical contact with wounds. Upon discovering this, Leo left. Within the following weeks, Mal got in touch with Rosemary again. Though still financially unstable, Rosemary was terrified of what was happening and wound up sending Mal to the hospital. Though she nearly begged, she could not convince Amy to get treatment; so ultimately, Rosemary had to take Mal in again. He eventually made a full recovery. Mal spent the rest of his teen years trying to help Rosemary with her finances through odd jobs. Unfortunately, this didn't pan out very well over time; it put a major strain on both his mental health and overall relationship with his mother. At around age 19-20, he was offered the spare room at Leo and Oliv's place; and he really couldn't refuse it. Currently, Mal is still working, but with much less strain than before.

Physical Description
Dark brown hair, very long, can be worn down or in a ponytail. Bangs somewhat blunt cut.
Soft face with large rounded, triangular nose. Brown, large eyes, under-eye bags and dark grey eyelids. Fairly large, round eyebrows.
Stocky build and pretty fat all around with short legs. 4'9 in height.
Wears a large variety of clothes, though most often sweaters. Socks and sandles person.

- Not actually sleep deprived.
- Hair puffs up when agitated, shocked or angry.
- Smells floral.