🧪Erissa [Jestertox]🧪



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Theme Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Creation Date 20 March 2018
Gender She/Her
Species Kryptox | Jestertox
Status Common, Buffed, Cursed, Jinxed
Mutations All Seeing, Aura Sprout, Bone, Centaur, Chomp Chomp, Eather Growth, Ghost Skin, Glass, Haunted Limbs, Mineral Growth, Monster Limb, Naga, No Face, Soul Sick, Splash, Squidism, Different Tail, Inverted Cloak
Soulmate TBA


Eccentric; a bit of a diva; divided; apathetic half of the time (boisterous and loud the rest); pensive/reflective.

Erissa was born when two Kryptox parents took the Loveboxes they received from Prince Sandal and put both scarves into one of them. They wanted their children to be equally driven and intelligent, so they decided to give the both of them the exact same environment. Unfortunately, this did not produce the results they'd hoped for. Instead, the two scarves made one Kryptox: a very divided Kryptox. Erissa's parents, horrified at her split appearance and trying to suppress the guilt of their actions, became angry and horrified with each other with with her. Erissa, even from a young age, could sense how much her parents disliked her, so she constantly tried to appeal to the both of them. Her mother was a scientist, and her father was a singer. Erissa therefore pursued both pathways. Eventually, crippled by the force of both of their expectations, Erissa moved away from all of that, to Beania. There, she rented a small flat, where she continues to live a double life.

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