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Yup! ^u^
They're still on hold, so sorry!

Are they still on hold? :'D

Yeah they're still on hold, so sorry ^u^;

Still on hold? :'o

yeah they're still on hold ^u^; so sorry!

is this character still on hold? ;;w;;

They are, so sorry! QoQ;

It’s all good! Thank you for answering <3

You’re only looking for character swap? Can I offer custom characters or art as well? :0 💕✨


Anyone in my TH? Queens Folders has the most HQ OCs I own! <3 My UFT Lynxxe design is also worth around $400!


I also do HQ artworks and illustrations, be it in kemono, semi-realism, or painting. 💖


aaaaaaaa i can offer anyone in my th (https://toyhou.se/Babey-Sprout/characters) or heaps of art hjafsdkjh (https://sta.sh/21e89a0y7jda) QwQ

I'll shot my shot why not! I can addon art and or $10 whenever my PayPal is unlocked!! https://toyhou.se/ZUnknown/characters/folder:1673950

anyone in my toyhouse outside of sonas interest you?


Mind linking me? I think you forgot them^u^;


aGHH 🥺 shes so lovely

if you take mixed offers i can offer money + ocs!! for ocs i can ofc do multiples,, heres the ocs i got :]



anyone in my th maybe? O:

Anyone in my th?

Idk if u take ither designers hq babs but i can offer a bab^^!!


any in my TH? mains off limits, primaries may be tent!

i also really like marshmallow!

Whats the bio code from? I love it and wanna try it!

I designed it myself and is for personal use only, so sorry! QuQ;