Ourias Lux



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Name Ourias Lux

Pronouns he/him

Age ~1,590

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Homeland Lux Colony

Location The City of Lux


Marked by a deep, rooted feeling of unsettledness, Ourias struggles in the new world. Everything he knew has changed, his best friend in the whole world has moved on to greater heights, and all Ourias can do is feel like he's being dragged around behind Phos. Blunt and aggressive about his opinions, he feels wholly inadequate and confused - strange feelings, for an Ant who was the epitome of a combat aner. 


Ourias was Phos' best friend growing up, only having a year on him. They were raised in the same age group under the Educational Director, and kept a close friendship forever afterwards, pledging their life to each other. Color Ourias surprised when his best friend approached him and invited him to drink some sort of strange potion, dodgy about its effects. Said potion turned out to be the secret to ascension, and Ourias joined Phos in the ranks of lesser gods. After the Longest Night, Phos instructed Ourias (now his closest advisor) how to recreate the moon, as he knew he couldn't hold up the sun constantly.


  • His full, correct title is "Luna Ourias Lux".
    • Often doesn't respond to "Luna Lux"; responds best to "Ourias" or "Commander".
  • He makes no claim that he created the moon on his own; Phos perpetuates that.
    • If asked, he honestly says Phos primarily made it.
  • Before the apocalypse, he was Lux Colony's Commander of the Army.
  • Struggles to raise the moon most nights, due to the perpetual attacks of the shadows.
  • Was never very good at flying, but liked to take Phos out for trips.
  • Highly religious before the apocalypse. No idea what to do, now that he's a god (this is absolutely 100% not how his religion worked).