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"What. Ok."

  • Name Tes Hanta 範太テス 
  • RaceUTAU - Android | Bolivian/Japanese
  • Age 7 (visually 20s) | May. 8, 2015 - Taurus
  • Voice & Height - 5'10 VOICE
  • Occupation Singer & Drummer for World's End Corp. / Clothing Designer
  • Orientation Asexual

Visual & Personality
37546067_lsOUXJjHXhXi5eh.gifVisual Description:
NON-BINARY (they/them) • Tes stands at a grand total of 5'10, skin a brown hue with red undertones. Deep coffee hair that is often unkempt in a messy layered mullet. Their fashion can be described as 80's-90's inspo; ears often adorned in bright colored earrings, a sweatband, or bandanna wrapped firmly around their head and chokers at their neck. Tes loves wearing fancy eyeshadow looks and sometimes can be spotted with funky lip shades to correlate. There are times they enjoy wearing more feminine garb, but for the most part they tend to dress gender-neutral and comfortable.   

ISFP • Tes can be described as languorous, having an internal battery error upon construction, which gives them their general laid-back demeanor. Working under the World's End Corp. label they're notorious for being the idol with the worst track record; they've released the least amount of album/musical works out of the company's roster. Their only driving motivation lies within their sister, Phoebe, who's glistening personality brings forth energy within them that often remains dormant. They have an eager devotion for fashion, runway and make-up more so over music despite their prominent talent within the field. Though, those close with them would often say otherwise, as Tes' stage presence is almost unearthly... which explains the onslaught of fans/fansites that follow their career schedule. Tes regularly attends to social media, posting haphazard shots of their daily life within the music studio, selfies with their sister and/or other members of the company or friends as well as current clothing lines in the works for their brand.

Music: Tes & Phoebe from Alice | Abstract Nonsense Medley Feature/Again


  • 80's & 90's Concepts/Music
  • Rock & Pop
  • Funky Earrings
  • Comfy Clothing
  • Coffee

  • Dancing
  • Early Morning
  • Mustard,, yuck
  • Physical Affection
  • Their Creator/Ex-Manager







  • They like to dress both feminine and masculine, however on most days it tends to be more masculine or gender-neutral.
  • They enjoy 80's & 90's themes the most; such as fashion and music. This is also the concept for their band w/ their sister.
  • Can speak both Japanese & Spanish.
  • Knows how to play the drums.
  • Often preforms with their sister or band, but of course enjoys doing solo work on the side when they're inspired enough.
  • Has a battey error which leaves them exhausted quicker.
  • Despite being an android, Tes can in-fact consume human meals/drink; processing such through a built-in digestive system.
  • Videoby Tomu


Tes and their sister, Phoebe, were created as a duo with the idea that their entertainment would spark fame and fortune for their master. Originally unaware of their owner's misguided actions they blindly followed, just in a two year time frame gaining some traction as small performers. Soon enough creating a name for themselves in the music industry, gaining many fans all across Japan and even somewhat of a gathering abroad. Though their creator's harsh words and lengthy practice sessions remained tiring... even for the robotic duo. It wasn't until he struck Tes' sister that the tides shifted. The abusive tendencies, both verbal and physical, only began to worsen in their third year. It was then they had to escape.

They brazenly refused to be used as a puppet for their creator's own gain any further; Tes and their sister managed to withdraw themselves from their maker in order to find their own place in this world. And work on their own terms, building trust with a new company and producing music on their own time. Overall they now remain content, happy that their sister is able to flourish in her own way and Tes dragged into the limelight by her hand even with their lazy tendencies. Tes still makes music, because they've grown far too attached to the hobby, but they're a little less active in the showbiz compared to their sister due to lack of energy. Despite their hiatuses, Tes still has a large following that remain dedicated to both them and their sister equally. 

Phoebe Sister / Co-worker

Phoebe is Tes' younger sister; they both share a band together where she plays the electric keyboard and Tes the drums. She's extremely passionate about her work, probably even more so than Tes. She enjoys dressing Tes up on occasion, to which they don't mind. They enjoy her eccentric style and personality and often go on about how much energy she gives them... since Tes can be described as lethargic at times it's nice to have someone bring forth their musical genius. 


Daiki Friend / Co-worker


Name Friend / Co-worker

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Name Friend / Co-worker

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Name Friend / Co-worker

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Zophie Friend / Co-worker



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Kiakane Friend / Co-worker