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1b30e3ea30273b29a93d256220847baf.pngOH-HONK!, BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:

  • SOME OF MY CHARACTERS HAS DISTURBING CONTENT, both in their bio's and their pictures/designs, SUCH AS BLOOD, GORE AND POTENTIONALLY SENSITIVE SUBJECTS¬†(DRUGS, SEXUAL THEMES, HOSPITAL THEMES ETC...).¬†If a character has triggering subjects I try to put a warning on their specific page, please don't hesitate to let me know IF I FORGET!
  • SOME HAVE VERY BRIGHT COLORS, Keep this in mind if your vision is sensitive to any of that stuff!!!
If you believe I missed something that is very important that should be here, don't hesitate to DM me if possible, 
Thank you!

Character Content Warning

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As this character's story takes place in a dark lab, Broccolina's lore/images will/can involve the following:

  • Needles & Injections
  • Abuse & Torture
  • Gore
  • Bright Colors
  • Mental and Physical trauma

If I've forgotten anything to warn about, don't be afraid to let me know! The last I'd want to do is cause distress! Thank you!

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