Suzukaze Suzune



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Name: Suzukaze Suzune


Gender: Female

Role: Student


Alias/nicknames: Chiming Heroine Mirabel
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Birthday: July 2nd
Quirk: Resounding Wind
Blood type: AB-
Notable Characteristics: Glass like hair, pupils shaped like a bell hollow
Voice Claim: None yet


  • Makeup
  • Praise and attention
  • Sweet and salty food
  • Writing in her diary
  • The sea


  • Thunder
  • Being embarassed
  • Confrontations
  • Being snubbed by popular people
  • Her personality


Quirk: Resounding Wind

Allows the user to control the air displaced by emitted sounds into a flowing current. The user must physically emit the sound/interact with the air themselves order to make use the quirk. Methods of sound-making speaking/shouting, whistling, clapping, blowing a wind instrument, etc. User cannot use the air displaced by sounds made by other people or devices.

Pitch and decibel influence the quality of the air wielded. High pitch creates a thin, concentrated current while a low pitch sound creates a loose, wider gust. Decibel is positively correlated with force behind the current. A sustained sound creates a current that can be controlled over a period of time, while a short burst of sound creates one that dissipates quickly. These properties can be used to form an attack (e.g. a high pitched, short, loud noise can create a razor-sharp gust of wind) and to perform other feats.

Ability is boosted in environments with good acoustics, but loud environments will drown of the users own sound, rendering the ability ineffective. The user is not suited for covert operations due to nature of their quirk and can become an easy target. Does not work in airless environments (e.g. underwater).


3/5 C
3/5 C
2/5 D
3/5 C
2/5 D


Quiet and sensitive, but not particularly nice. Suzune hates confrontation and wants desperately to be liked. As such she takes criticisms and rejection from others harshly. Due to her nature Suzune frequently sticks to herself to avoid being hurt. She finds her self-isolation both comforting and suffocating: she is lonely but too insecure to reach out to people, a combination which causes endless frustration.

Suzune silently hopes and waits idly for others to offer a hand of friendship without effort on her part. When that proves fruitless, she gets upset and has ugly thoughts about the culprits, as if it were their fault that she’s lonely. She has a habit of self-sabotaging the rare interactions with people she does get, as she gets too nervous and eager.

Suzune gets jealous of popular people who have "everything” and is judgemental, prone to expect the worst of people when they do not notice her. She keeps this ugly side of her personality bottled up, as she’s afraid of others being off put.

Although she can be meanspirited, Suzune is also introspective enough to at least realize that her two-faced attitude is problematic and feels guilty after she indulges in her worst thoughts. Suzune wants to change, but doesn’t know how to better herself and break from habit. As such she hopes that her time at hero school will teach her how to be a “good” person.


  • Suzune grew up in a seaside town. As shouting and crying can be potentially dangerous to herself and others around her, she learned to suffer quietly as a child. Whenever she was overwhelmingly upset, she'd run to the shore, find some isolated place, and yell at the sea to vent her frustration.
  • She has a hard time speaking her mind freely and finds solace in writing in her dairy. It is always on her persons so others will not find it. After filling one up she destroys it, leaving no trace of its existence. It's more of a coping mechanism than a hobby at this point.
  • She loves sweet and salty treats. Salted caramel is a fav.
  • Her jacket is too big for her due to a mix up when she recieved her uniform. She kept it as she was to afraid of bother someone about it.
  • She has a habit of people watching. When she becomes interested in someone, she watches them closely from a distance and fantasizes about being friends with them.
  • She learned how to play wind instruments as a part of training to control her quirk, but she is too anxious to perform infront of people.
  • Strands of her hair are like glass fiber and is clear and soft. When heat is added (like through a blow dryer, spending too long in the sun) the fibers form a solid, brittle mass. It's relatively strong but can chip and break. Fortunately, her hair grows unnaturally fast...
  • The blue markings on her hair is paint, as due to the mutant nature of her hair her cannot dye it. Suzune decorates it differently on occasion in hopes that someone will comment on it. She also puts on mascara everyday (her eyelashes are just like the hair on her head) and is quite good at applying makeup.