Rune Leovani / 13th Dovenet (*Full Profile)



🗝️ rune leovani🗝️

the key to the kingdom

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🎵 ~ These emotions that I can't keep down
This righteous road I can't seem to stray from...
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👑 basics 👑

  • name: Princet Quirune Elysiel Leovani III of Dovendale
    • alias: The 13th Royal Dovenet
  • species: Human (with divine ancestry)
  • ethnicity: ???
  • birthday: July 12
  • age: 15
  • gender: Genderfluid
  • pronouns: They / them (also answers to he / him)
  • orientation: Aromantic asexual
  • profession(s): 
    • Student at Agatha Academy
    • Magical enby
    • Heir-apparent to Dovendale's throne


  • skin: Light tan with a cool undertone
  • hair: Platinum blonde, straight with a wave at the end, falls just above their shoulder blades
  • eyes: Dark teal
  • height: 5' 7" / 170 cm
  • build: Average, on the curvy side
  • other characteristics:
    • Marking that resembles a heart with a keyhole in the middle on their sternum

their transformed appearance is the same as above, except…

  • Hair: Falls past their knees
  • Eyes: Bright teal

🏰 personality 🏰

  • alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • enneagram: 6w5; self-preservation variant
  • jung / mbti: ISTJ-A
  • sloan: RLOEI (primarily Reserved)
  • temperament: Melancholic / Phlegmatic
  • zodiac: Cancer
  • positive traits: Charismatic, intelligent, modest
  • neutral traits: Eccentric, pragmatic, reserved
  • negative traits: Apathetic, insecure, neurotic

On the surface, Rune is the model royal — impeccably polite, charmingly friendly, and astoundingly bright. There are times when they seem distant and aloof, maybe even cold, but they're quick to shake off such appearances with a smile... until they find a moment to themselves. Away from prying eyes they're a withdrawn, anxious, paranoid mess who is distrustful of everyone and everything. They're easily frustrated, extremely temperamental, and quick to anger, but Rune takes care to never let anyone get close enough to see it.

💙 trivia 💙


  • books: Romance
  • drink(s): Earl gray tea
  • food(s): Roast beef and potatoes
  • fashion style: Bon chic bon genre, ulzzang; flowy blouses, skinny jeans, gold jewelry, and flat shoes
  • movies / tv: ???
  • music: Classical, heavy metal
  • hobbies: Painting, writing poetry, swimming
  • interests: Literature, fashion design
  • other likes: The beach
  • dislikes: Loud voices, plans derailing


  • animal: Streptopelia risoria var.
  • colors: White, gold, teal, pastel blue
  • elements: Light, Water
  • flower / plant: Lamium album
  • major arcana: Judgement
  • mineral: Blue Lace Agate
  • playing card: Three of Diamonds
  • scents: Ocean air, subtle perfume
  • sin | virtue: Sloth | Humility

👑 stats 👑



  • Enchantment — Rune's current main power. They can enchant items and make existing enchantments more potent. This power is enhanced when they are transformed, and they can cast status buffs on their friends.
  • Photokinesis — They can manipulate light for minor offensive and defensive capabilities. Rune has a penchant for blinding their enemies.
  • Aquakinesis? — Rune's former main power. Rune could control large quantities of water and shape it to their will with ease. However, Rune has not been able to use this ability since obtaining Dovendale's Key. Whether this is because there is some mental block preventing them from doing so or because the power of the Key is suppressing it is yet to be seen.


  • Dovendale's Key — The literal key to the kingdom. Doubles as a transformation trinket. Can only be held by royalty. Greatly increases luck.
  • Dovendale's Sceptre — Rune's main weapon when transformed. A focus for their powers. Greatly increases magic.
  • Book? — Has a lock design on its front, yet it is unremarkable otherwise. It inexplicably cannot be opened, despite the lack of a proper lock or clasp. Increases wisdom,
  • Reading glasses — A pair of half-moon glasses with plain brown frames. Increases intelligence.


Nothing much was expected of Rune Leovani when they were born. A child from one of the more derided lines of Dovendale's royal family, and with their position in the line of succession leagues away from the throne, all that was asked of Rune was to look handsome and to avoid embarrassing the crown. This unusually loose leash for a child of royalty let them pursue whatever subjects they wanted, and they almost instantly found themselves neck-deep in the arts and sciences. A tween Rune with a bodyguard on their heels was a well-known sight in the salons and ateliers of the kingdom.

Whatever future Rune could have had as some sort of wunderkind vanished at their first coming-of-age ceremony. They were supposed to simply swear their loyalty to the kingdom on the crown's most prized possession, Dovendale's Key, and then they would be free to leave and do whatever they wanted for the rest of the day. When Rune touched the key, however, a bright light enveloped them, leaving them wearing strange and powerful regalia when it abated.

The entire ceremony was thrown into chaos. The royal family went into a frenzy. Historians were called. Mages were summoned. Rune spent weeks sequestered in the gilded bowels of the royal castle, where they were always in arm's reach of a wizard or a witch doctor or a monk always wanting one more test, one more scrying session, one more recitation of what happened. All the academics and all the spellcasters eventually gathered all their research and presented their conclusions to the king and queen. The shockwaves from the bombshell they would drop tore through the royal family and turned their frenzy into an uproar.

Dovendale's Key, thought to be just a piece of history, was in truth a powerful artifact whose magic was long thought lost, lying dormant for generations before it bound itself to Rune. The academics also brought up an obscure law dating back to the kingdom's foundation that was of greater concern. The law read that if Dovendale's Key ever found a bearer it bonded with, then that bearer immediately became the heir-apparent. And since there was nothing in the current laws that superceded or conflicted with it...

The king and queen were in shock. Rune's family was confused, then exhilarated. Rune themself was dismayed and devastated. Everyone else was absolutely, totally, utterly furious.

At first, attempted theft of the key was common. Rune was always seen with it while miserably slogging through their new set of duties. It seemed simple for a bitter relative to snatch the key when no one was looking and book it — only for the relative to uncurl their fist a second later and go wide-eyed at their empty hand. The key would reappear at Rune's side like it was never disturbed. 

Then efforts to get Rune out of the picture escalated. Practice weapons were sabotaged. Carriage wheels were loosened. Reagents were tampered with. Food and drink were poisoned. The power of Dovendale's Key helped Rune brush off every attempt and someone eventually got desperate enough to straight-up hire an assassin. The plot was found out and thwarted before it could begin, but it finally inspired Rune's parents to find some way to protect their child.

A few nights later, their prayers were answered with another key. After conferring with the royal mages came up with nothing, a traveling bard overheard their plight and took pity on the parents' predicament. She handed them a strange key that would open the way to a sanctuary for magic users and told them how to use it. Rune would be safe as long as they stayed there, the bard assured.

Mr. and Mrs. Leovani made a beeline to their home and immediately had the servants pack their child's things. Before dawn's light broke, Rune was unceremoniously shuffled through the door to Mahou Wando with all their belongings in tow.

🏰 relationships 🏰

  • Kelisade FioPartner. She is a decent person to pair up with when fighting monsters and completing school projects, they suppose. Rune would like to keep some distance between them, but that's kinda hard to do when Kelisade seems like the only one that genuinely likes them.

💖 miscellaneous 💖

  • Before they activated Dovendale's Key, they were 343rd in line for the throne.
  • Rune has never had a pet.
  • Even though Agatha Academy's uniform is only required for important events, Rune wears theirs religiously. The only bit of customization they'll do is wearing Dovendale's Key on a chain around their waist.
  • Rune deeply resents being the holder of Dovendale's Key and having the future of the kingdom plopped in their lap.