Azure [WOF AU]



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Basic Info

Non AU Origin

Sen, Shade of Scales






Wings of Fire


Azure is extremely soft spoken and a very caring silkwing. She is fairly motherly, even to those not related to her, or even that she knows that well.
She can however, be fairly easily manipulated.
She has a strong drive to crush inequalities.

Azure was born under Queen Wasp's rule. She, like other flame silks, was taken after her metamorphosis and used by Queen Wasp to make flame-silk for her hives. Azure quickly realised she was going to be stuck here forever, and attempted to escape many, many times, furious that she and other flame silks were trapped. None of these times were successful and she kept getting into trouble, and eventually was injured severely in one of these attempts - causing premanent damage to her right, back leg. Eventually, her non-flame silk sister and her escaped together, leaving the safetly of the hives and headed towards the poison jungle. Azure got seperated from her sister while lost in the Jungle, and ended up at the beach between Pantala and Prryhia. She accidentally came face to face with some hivewings looking for her, and ended up accidentally getting blown across to Prryhia.  
There, Crimson found her facedown in the sand, and nursed her back to health - confused by the appearance of such as strange looking dragon. Upon waking up, Azure was quickly confused by the Skywing in front of her, her injuries - and the appearance of a dragon with two , not four wings. Both of them started to come to an understanding and realised that Azure came from another continent. Upon learning of the tryanny of Queen Wasp, Crimson vowed to kill Queen Wasp personally - stating she thought that Prryhia's queens were bad enough, let alone Pantala's. Azure, learning of Crimson's rebellion against the monarchs of Prryhia, quickly joins it and vows her support - she also has no where else to go, and has fallen very quickly in-love with the charismatic skywing.
Azure now lives undercover in the Skywing Kingdom under Crimson's protection.

Notes when drawing
-Very iridescent
- I personally headcanon Silkwings, Leafwings, and Hivewings as smaller than Prryhia tribes - so Azure is fairly small compared to them