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General Warnings

  • Hello! Welcome to my toyhouse.
  • Characters here aren't for trade unless they're in the offers folder or open adopts folder.
  • Please note that names/tags on characters are generally left over from whoever I receive them from; this is especially prominent in my unsorted. A character having "ufo" "ota" in their name/tags are leftover and are not open for offers unless I post them up for offers or move them to an appropriate folder
Other stuff

  • My trade/sale account is BunniCORP. PM me here if you want to offer on a character from there.
  • I do not do ping lists, nor will I write it anywhere on profiles that someone is to be pinged. Do not ask. I only do pings in specific circumstances/if I offer to.
  • Don't ask if anyone here is up for trade. They're not unless I offer them to you or they're in the two folders mentioned above.

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