Solomon's Comments

so pretty! love all their artwork

aaaaah i love this character, he's so beautiful, thank u so much for sharing him

I absolutely love the colors of this beauty's hair! *O*

oh my god i haven't faved this darling wtf is wrong with me GUYIHFUEOJLAKSM i thought i had?? ;;
definitely one of my favourites of your characters he's so stunning and such a charmer /shyly touches his hair

aaaAAA T 7 T I'm glad you like him asfkjdf. He's like one of my favorite OCs everrrrr eeeeeeee.

your welcome /// v /// yee im glad! I always get excited seeing new art of him <33

Solomon is kissing someone that isn't Taurentael! I'm so curious about what is going on.


Sweet lordy hold me

I can't handle Solomon and how precious he is. I get so excited every time I see new art of him pop up, like goddamn I could just look at this babe and his beautiful art forever. o<-<

His sense of style is fucking A+. All the gold stars for him

SOLOMAN IS SO GORGEOUS i love seeing new art of him what a babe omg

Omg he is my diamond studded cinnamon rolLlL

Hes a total babe terra x3

I swear I get so angry everytime I see a new picture of him BECAUSE IM SO ODDLY ATTRACTED TO THIS PRETTY BOY IT MAKES ME FURIOuS i dont know why but his attraction level is through the roof whispersIloveyouSolomonstaysafeandblessmylifewithmoreofyourbeautythanks



eHEHEH can't Stop shaNT StOPPp. I really don't draw him enough. = 7 =

gosh darnit every time a new image is uploaded to solo i just get this gigantic urge to protect him hes such a babe

d'aaawh quq

omfg his eye I'm in love