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This is my Goblin Bard from my Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign for a D&D club in my school. Kind of a work in progress so I will continue to update this page once we start the campaign and I get a feel for her

Name: Izzy

Race & Class: Goblin Bard

Weapon of Choice: A KNOIFE and also a smol crossbow

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sex: Female

Age: 8

Height: 2'6

Sexuality: Asexual

Str: 9

Dex: 17

Con: 16

Int: 11

Wis: 14

Cha: 16

Personality: She's a smol jolly goblin who loves to doot her own horn. Almost always smiling and happy, she loves to spread her own personal joy to others through music. But, she has little concept of social boundaries and speaks her mind regardless if she should or not.

Backstory: She was born the runtiest runt of her litter and was considered a waste of space. So she was thrown out and found by an elderly, homeless bard who took her in, raised her and taught her the ways of the bard. He named her Isabella after his dearly departed wife. When she was 7, he passed away. She felt that she shouldn't mourn his death, but instead celebrate his life by continuing his passion of being a bard like he taught her. With the man's large clothes on her back, she traveled far and wide with her songs, eventually finding herself with a party of adventurers consisting of a Druid Dragonborn, Paladin Kobold, Human Artificer, Bard Fire Genasi, Ranger Tabaxi, and a Cleric Tabaxi on their journey to deliver a cart of goods to a neighboring city.


  • Her clothes are far too large for her tiny body. She doesn't mind the sleeves too much but tries to tuck her shirt under her belt and tucks the rest of her pants into the cloth she wraps around her feet.
  • She loves to doot her horn, but has a lyre just in case she needs to sing a song.
  • Her lips are usually parted to show her pointy teeth.
  • Smol child
  • Doesn't like anything physically sexual. Cheek/forehead smooches, hugs and snuggles are very welcome though
  • Despite the above, she does joke about such things. (Ex. A fire genasi in her party is often misgendered so she'll joke that he should pull down his pants to prove himself)
  • Adores being carried/riding on people's shoulders
  • Eyes are just pastel yellow
  • Her design is based on the goblins in Pathfinder
  • Has big dick energy (We rolled for it. I got a 4 on a d4)
  • Has no concept of a fourth wall and constantly breaks it (quoting Suction Cup Man, calling our Dragonborn Barbarian He-Man, Fire Genasi Flame Prince, our group The Masters of the Universe, etc.)
  • Now has a shiny rainbow beaded necklace that she keeps hanging out of her pocket. If she asks it, it can turn into paints.

Name Origin: I named her after the Isz from one of my favorite comic book series, The Maxx.