Crimson [WOF AU]



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Crimson is driven by passion for change, and can’t  handle inequalities. She has a strong feeling of protection and caring.  
She is highly  respected and works very hard to maintain that. She is extremely good at  smooth talking and getting what she wants out of someone. She can be  fairly obnoxious and extremely talkative.
Others generally view her  as ambitious, perhaps maybe too much so. She can also come off as fairly  narcissistic, it's not known if she realizes this or not. She despises all the Queens of Pyrrhia.

Crimson was born and raised in the Skywing Kingdom. She worked in the royal Skywing Palace as a student to the advisors of the current Skywing Queen. She traveled to other Kingdoms as part of her duties, meeting other dragons and seeing other tribes far more than a normal skywing would have. She even managed to make contact with some rainwings and learn a bit about their kingdom, which the other Skywings were not vaguely interested in.
She witnessed the death of that Queen under her own daughter, and it was an extremely messy death even for a princess-to-queen one. Crimson quickly became unsure of her Kingdom's customs and the customs of dragons. She became untrusting to those in the palace and disgusted by their lack of seeming to think that it was absolutely fine for ruling to be decided by bloodbath. Crimson left the Palace, angered and confused.
She, after some time alone, ended up joining the Talons of Peace and working under them. It was here she met and worked with a Nightwing who she ended up having some flings with that resulted in the birth of her first two children, Flare and Harrier. She ended up back in the Skywing Kingdom, working undercover for the Talons of Peace while hoping her children didn't look too much like nightwings. She kept them closely protected for a while until letting them out of the home when she realised they definitely could mostly pass as pure skywing. She, in another fling, ended up with another child, Soot. She raised her three half night-wing, half sky-wing children fairly well, however it became apparent that Flare had inherited nightwing powers.
However, during this time, Crimson became fed up with the Talons of Peace - they were going to pick the sides of Queens, not an alternative option that she desired. She left the Talons of Peace, alongside a nightwing called Hopebringer, and a handful of dragons. Hopebringer, like Crimson, was fed up with the way things were and desired more. He formed his own group of dragons, trying to fight the Queens of Prryhia themselves and set up an alternative system of leadership. Crimson became his right-hand dragon, helping to recruit other dragons from all the kingdoms for their cause.

Drawing Notes
- Extremely large wings
- Very long tail, snout, very long features in general
- Often wears a scarf with her insignia on it, wears glasses after meeting Azure