This is a mini bio! Mini bios are for when I really want a character uploaded for links, literature, art storage, reference, etc., but can't muster up the spoons to write out all of my usual sections. As such, while this profile is complete it only scratches the surface of the character. Expect a fuller profile in the future!


Name: Lureus Ailswen
Pronounced: lur-EY-us AELS-wen
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: he/him
Birthday: April 1st
Zodiac: Aries
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Species: Catboy
Orientation: Whoever gives the best head scritches.

A hyperactive catboy who's been blessed with the power of the mighty cat god of the abyss, Nyarlathotep. Emphasis on the nya. In addition to enhancing his physical capabilities and adorableness, this blessing also gives him nine lives to spare before he truly dies. Which, given his current career path - a servant of [wip] Ignis Phasmatis who hangs around Hell College, where death is seldom permanent - just means he can be more reckless before needing to respawn.

He forms something of a power trio with his partners, Poe Blackwood and Chaurus, serving as the tank of the group despite his garb and frame making him look more suited to be a healer.



Lureus is not unlike a rambunctious kitten. He loves to play, and by play I mean he loves to fight and kill. Which, really, that's what kittens are aiming for, so! This even goes as far as him being all to eager to show off his kills, happily bringing corpses - or if they're lucky, just materials - back to his allies. He'll chase just about anything that moves and is nigh impossible to deter from mischief, only ever calm when he's finally exhausted his body's energy.

Thanks to his upbringing, the influence of Nyarlathotep, and the environment of both Hell College and Ignis' forces, Lureus' moral compass is essentially nonexistent. Death is so meaningless to him that he fails to understand why people might be upset by it, and emotions with actual gravity just make him tilt his head in light confusion. It's up to Poe and Chaurus to reign him in, always having to politely remind him that it's not nice to attack random people or steal their chicken nuggets. While it might take a bit of wrestling - perhaps even literally - Lureus will typically bow to their orders of not having fun just because they're his favorite people, especially Poe. His petting skills are unmatched!



Due to the blessing of Nyarlathotep, Lureus has many catlike traits. On top of the cat ears and tail and all that, Lureus' physical capabilities are far beyond his frame. Despite his limber stature, in addition to his catlike reflexes, speed, and dexterity he's also incredibly strong. He can wield his large axe - Nyarlathotep's Claw - with no trouble whatsover, and his claws and fangs are capable of devastating blows. On top of that he has excellent night vision, requiring not even the slightest hint of light to see perfectly. Well, perfectly as long as he's wearing his glasses. Nyarlathotep didn't fix his nearsightedness.

Perhaps his most useful ability is his Nine-Lives Blessing. Essentially, Lureus is able to "die" nine times and only the last death will stick. Upon being "killed" he will immediately begin to regenerate to a perfectly healthy form, any and all wounds or ailments being repaired or eliminated. Even unrelated injuries will be healed: if he had a papercut before he got into a fatal fight, that would be healed up post-death as well. When you're fighting him, you're fighting a boss with nine health bars. This allows him to engage in some unusual strategies, using death as a tool to be in top form at important points in a fight. Once his nine lives are expended he dies for real... but given that his soul is owned by someone invested in his usefulness, that doesn't last for too long.

Of note is that he cannot die from falls. For some reason, the impact just doesn't do anything to him. He lands perfectly fine and gets right back at it! Also, Nyarlathotep's blessing allows him to shapeshift into a cat. Not even, like, a big monster cat or something, though. Just straight-up a normal little black housecat. He's done more damage in this form than you'd think.

Finally, whenever Lureus takes soul energy - be it from a personal kill or just getting a snack from the soul vending machine - part of it is automatically send to Nyarlathotep. This means he's weaker than he should be given his kill count, but it also says plenty considering how powerful he already is in spite of that...


Lureus was born to the prestigious Ailswen family, known for being the heads of the cult worshiping the fell god Nyarlathotep. No, not the Lovecraft one. Completely different Nyarlathotep. Emphasis on the nya - it's important! Anyway, once he and all of his siblings came of age, the regular family battle royale began. As per the norm for the Ailswens, all of the siblings would be pitted together in a fight to the death with the survivor living to receive Nyarlathotep's dark blessing. Lureus had little trouble surviving - no, conquering - the bloodbath, emerging as the winner. He then received Nyarlathotep's power, named next in line to be the head of the family once his parents died.

Before that could happen, though, Lureus received an invitation to Hell College. Thinking the idea sounded like tons of fun - way more than sitting around worshiping an admittedly cool god all day - he accepted. He slaughtered his way through classes with gusto, though came to experience a bit of calm when he happened upon fellow student Poe Blackwood. Intrigued by his strange affliction and endeared by his snack-giving, Lureus began hanging around him. Soon enough they - alongside Poe's other friend, Student Body President Chaurus - were an item, and with the guidance of his partners they all managed to graduate together.

Post-graduation, Lureus decided a fun career path would be selling his soul to the local charismatic magic professor, Ignis Phasmatis, becoming an Infernal - specifically an Incursor, the combat specialists of Ignis' forces - alongside Chaurus. He has no regrets since he's all to happy to be set loose on whoever, though he can't really fathom why Poe seems so hesitant to join them in the purple fun!


DATE CREATED June 5th, 2019
SOUL COLOR Ignis Purple(tm) but formerly black.
ELEMENT Beast/Dark
MAJOR Physical Combat

  • In both En2rety and Altirety, Lureus is essentially the same exact person, just benefiting more from 2gnis conquering all of Entirety in the former and Altnis being an Underking in the latter. His relationships with the respective Poes and Chauruses hold strong, even in spite of En2rety's Poe - Halim - being... not quite the same.
  • His first and last name come from the prefix ailuro-, which refers to cats.
  • His initial concept was to look smug and condescending but actually be cordial and friendly, but somewhere along the way he just wound up becoming... this.
  • He spends quite a bit of time in his cat form, especially when relaxing. It's rare for him to sleep without shifting into cat form first.

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