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Hiya! I'll offer a custom design or a full body piece for this design! a full body comes with a ref sheet. examples of my art and designs can be found here and also at

hello! <v> tysm for your offer! But I don't have any custom ideas atm so i'll have to pass

Ahh sorry to hear! If you change your mind let me know! >w< or if theres anything else you're looking for?

hiya! i’d love to draw lynn or laurel, or honestly any of your humanoid characters if i’m being honest they’re all great! as a trade for this friend, feel free to check out my toyhouse for art, or my deviantart (also omiism)

hi i'm so sorry, it looks like my response didn't send! i think right now i'm looking more for other things, but if this character is still open by saturday i can gift them to you if you'd like //o

Hi and sorry for my late reply but it’s totally okay!! :) if another character comes up that catches my eye im still willing to do art trades! either way your characters are cool! love their designs ^w^

hi again! a trade just went through - thanks for your patience with me already though and if anything shows up in the future which you would like please don't hesitate to tell me and i can send it over for free ;;/

Feel free to browse my TH for someone you might like :>

hi there! you have lovely characters but after some consideration i didnt see anyone. thank you so much for offering though!

Thanks for looking love <3 ^^