Deilan Lieongardt



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Name: Deilan Lieongardt 

Age: ??? (Appearance as close as 29 years old)

Title: The Imperial Knight

Affiliation: Knights of Gaia

Position: Knight, Former Imperial Knight of Arannoth

Race: Human / Undying as Gaian Knight

Birthplace: Kingdom of Arannoth, Ancient Kimorian Realm

Weapon: The Legendary Arannothian Sword, Arthania

Combat Style: Self developed swift/acrobatic sword style


STORY (Prior to become a Gaian Knight)

Born in the ancient kingdom of Arannoth, which was known for its  powerful Knights, Deilan grew up always admiring their heroic tales,  aspiring to become one, even aiming to obtain the title of the highest  of them all "The Imperial Knight". Since his childhood he started to  train by himself with anything he could get his hands on, wooden swords,  sticks, or even nothing at all, his lack of resources pushed him to  improvise in his training slowly setting up the base of what would  become his symbolic acrobatic fighting style.

His  determination to become a knight became stronger after receiving news  that his father, a militiamen fell in battle protecting a town outside  of Arannoth from an Undead attack, the sadness and anger of his father's  death fueled his determination to become stronger, to protect his  mother and the kingdom or anyone else who needed him, for that was the  mission of a Knight.

Several years of training and attempts to  join the Arannothian ranks, he was accepted as a Soldier, his physique,  appearance and his peculiar fighting style earned him the mockery of  several soldiers, knights and even the High General of the kingdom,  since most of the soldiers or Arannoth were known to be imposing  warriors, wearing either huge armors or showcasing great displays of  strength. While this was indeed unpleasant for him, his determination  was way too strong to be swayed away from the path he chose.

The  mockery was quickly silenced when he started to overpower mightier  looking soldiers and even matching experienced knights with his swift  movements and unexpected physical strength, this earned him a quick  ascension from Soldier to Knight of the Kingdom and eventually rising throught the knight's ranks calling the attention of the King himself. Although still considered unworthy by the High General Lionel Goldfang, Deilan kept ascending until one day, by order of the King he was named Captain becoming the youngest one to ever achieve that position.


The identity of a Imperial Knight was always kept in secret, even from his own family in order to protect him and them from anything  or anyone that might target them due to the weight the title carried

King Raine, always kept an eye on Deilan's developing as a Soldier and  Knight, after years of ever increasing displays of his ability, in a secret meeting with General Lionel Goldfang and King Raine, where it would be revealed to him the passing of the previous Imperial Knight and the interest of the King himself for Deilan to be the successor, on that day Deilan would go through his greatest challenge ever, to face the High General himself, to prove his strength and determination to obtain the highest rank of them all.

While the Imperial Knight was the highest honor for a single soldier, The High General title was on pair with it aswell in terms of might, so attempting to defeat him would be no easy task. A clash of epic proportions took place in that secret hall, while there was not a single warrior in the kingdom capable of keeping up with the might of the General, he met his match when facing that knight who he used to mock so much due to his unorthodox style. While they were not able to bring the other down, this was enough for the King to realize he made the right choice.

Deilan not only received the signature armor worn by the Imperial Knight, but also a Unique sword, called "Arthania" considered a heirloom of the kingdoom and the mightiest sword ever crafted in Arannoth

While this meant Deilan would lose his identity, he became what he always strived to become, and obtained the power to protect and inspire those who needed it


The only one in existence, meant to be wielded by the kingdom mightiest protector, The Imperial Knight, this sword was crafted by the greatest Mastersmith Arannoth ever had, named Arthan, always dreaming to craft a weapon capable of matching those crafted with the bones of Dragons. When he came to realize his days were coming to an end, he decided to put everything he had on creating his greatest masterpiece, every bit of knowledge and resources he had and more was put to use, whether it was crafting resources such as extremely rare metals, alchemic knowledge, magic and faith, nobody but him knew the process that took to craft a weapon like this, by the time the sword was found at his Forge, Arthan's lifeless body was also found there next to it, legend says that he put his own life and soul in the sword, in honor of its creator, the sword was considered "his daughter" earning it the name "Arthania"

The mysterious combination of metals, spells, and the process to create it earned the sword unmatched physical and magical strength, and no matter how much pressure or damage it was subjected to, it wouldnt show any signs of damage or deterioration, being labeled as a Indestructible sword

No one other than the Imperial Knight has been seen wielding this sword, some legend says this sword has a mind of its own and would not let any other hold it, yet, no one would have the courage to test this theory nor to approach the Knight to request for a chance to confirm it

The magical and spiritual influence of this sword was later on found to be extremely potent on any kind of Unholy Beings, whether they are Undyings or Demons, managing to slice through the curse of the undying to supress it and prevent the afflicted from rising again, becoming an unvaluable asset in the battle against the scourge that was affecting the kingdom and its surroundings


Some time after being named Imperial Knight, he was sent on a mission to end the scourge once and for all by striking down the necromancer behind the attacks of Undyings to Arannoth, a magician of dreadful power called Athros, as he was the only Knight equipped with a weapon capable of cutting through the forces of Athros, Deilan went on the mission willing to sacrifice even his own life to ensure the kingdom and its people's safety and would be forever safe from those endless attacks.

After finding the lair of the Necromancer, a fierce battle was fought, possessing a godlike power, the necromancer posed more than a challenge for him, after a very long and fierce battle, Deilan was able to strike a mortal blow on Athros, the effect of the sword on him was absolutely devastating bringing him at death's door, but in his dying breath he was able to cast a powerful attack managing to mortally strike Deilan

The rampaging undyings raiding the kingdom crumbled to dust, signaling the kingdom's knights of Deilan's success in his mission, but with no triumphant return of the Hero forced the knights to search the lair of the Necromancer, to find the lifeless body of Deilan, while sorrow filled the knights for their hero's passing, his sacrifice was honored for it brought peace to the kingdom at long last


- It would be revealed to him that the former Imperial Knight was his own Father, who died not protecting a town with the Militia, but attempting to strike down the Necromancer who was responsible for the Undead attacks Arannoth was constantly suffering, ultimately failing in his mission

- Resourcing to the aid of Sorcerers and Clerics, and the combination of unique metals, Arthan was able to infuse the sword with the energies that were channeled to it by those who were secretly assisting him, but due to the incompatible principles of both Magical and Faith spells, he offered his own life and soul as a sacrifice to succesfully infuse the sword with them.

- Having the soul of Arthan inside the sword, gave the sword what could be considered a "Mind of its Own". With it, anyone found unworthy by the sword, or better said, Arthan himself, would be unable to wield it, and anyone found worthy of it would be tested by Arthan, then to be later on challenged by the memory of the last Imperial Knight to wield the legendary blade, only then it would be known if the prospect is worthy of wielding the sword and obtaining the title of Imperial Knight


(Major Spoilers)

- History is told by the one who writes it, the fall of the knight is no exception, while it is true that Deilan was mortally wounded by Athros and sentenced to death by it, a young gentle soul, saw the dying knight and approached him, it was not known by him that the Necromancer had a daughter, although even on his death bed Deilan could notice the girl was also an Undying, and not only that but also a powerful necromancer aswell, and one who also admired the heroic legends of the Imperial Knight of Arannoth, unwilling to live with the weight of losing both his father and hero at the same time, she decided to "save him" using the only way she knew, to focus her energy and link his soul to hers, although it would mean he would still "die" and it would label him as an Undying, their bond would bring him back to life

After "dying" and rising back to life, Deilan could see properly his savior, later to find out her name was June Ferrin, while it was a paradoxing dilemma for him to be turned into that what he was fighting, he was certainly grateful to the girl for what she did for him, still, he was aware that in his current condition he would never be able to set foot again on Arannoth knowing the terror a Undying could cause on the people, even if it was the Imperial Knight himself