Cerebra Lux



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Name Cerebra Lux

Pronouns he/him

Age 179

Race Dragon (savannah)

Spectrum Immortal

Homeland ???

Location The City of Lux


Cold, closed-off, and pensive. Highly intelligent, Cerebra often doesn't share his thoughts with others, instead preferring a more reclusive role. Though he has a lot of observations and thoughts, they're typically reserved for those who have passed his rigorous private tests. Despite his standoffish demeanor, Cerebra does deeply care about most people and bonds easily - but is aware of this flaw and tries to overcorrect being too trusting.


Fleeing from international police, Cerebra avoided being tried for his war crimes by seeking refugee status in the Lux Ant colony. To his (and the media's) surprise, Phosophoros accepted him and granted asylum. Not even a month after negotiating with the world powers, the apocalypse hit, wrecking the plans to unshackle Cerebra. Luckily for him, Phos became the next deity, world power, and object of attention. Dedicating his life as Phos' personal bodyguard, Cerebra only retired once he had been gravely injured and unable to perform. Rather than letting his talents go to waste, he established the Elite Luxian Guard. 


  • Changed his last name to "Lux" upon granted asylum by the colony.
  • Phos blessed him into an Immortal, though he hadn't hit his natural lifespan cap yet (~200 for dragons). 
  • Literally attributes his life to Phos. Sees no meaning in life safe for serving Phos. Highly worshipful and respectful.
    • Will whack the back of your head for not being respectful. Respect the Phos.
  • Despite this, calls Phos "Lucifer Phos" because, well, the guy said to stop using his full name... the nickname is fine, Cebby....
  • What were his war crimes? Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy.