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Thank you for stopping by my account, please do not copy any of my characters as I work quite hard on them and their stories even if it doesn't look like it. I love them dearly.

Please show respect while here and do not steal as they are my property.

Tags to note:
This bit is primarily for those here for art (trades, commissions, or gift art for art fight).
I do not consider gore or Skimpy clothing as NSFW as far as these tags go, Although the art will still be set as such in settings. I just mean this in consideration of what you can draw them as. Blood, gore, pain, and suffering is always okay to me art wise since most get in fights. Any clothing is also okay (as long as it isn't offensive)
A few of my characters will have the following tags.

Suggestive A-Okay
This tag means poses or situations that could be seen as suggestive, such as stepping out of the shower posed just so that everything that would make it NSFW is out of sight, or licking a popsicle suggestively (be that intentionally or just accidently depending on the character personality).   

These characters I am hesitant or picky about any NSFW art done of them. Skimpy clothing or lingerie is okay! I do not consider that as NSFW unless there is an obvious bulge or shape, so that's fine! (however that art is still tagged as such) However please ask if you want to draw them nude or more. I'm open to it, but just would want to talk about it.

Go ham. These characters are open to such things most likely and likely get into such situations normally. There are some kinks I am not okay with so if for some reason you want to draw them in something really intense please ask.

Thank you for reading and hope you like my characters! 

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