Bou Frolig



3 years, 10 months ago

Basic Info

Full Name

Boubka Frolig






October 2nd, 1999


Two-Tailed Chaos Kitsune




Pianist and Dishwasher at restaurant Butterscotch


Station Square

Current residence

House in Station Square near the park

Marital status


Theme Song

Chef'Special - Amigo ~



Bou is a cyan kitsune with two black-tipped tails. He has an athletic build and is a fair bit taller than the usual mobian. Usually he’s radiating positivity in his whole appearance. He wears a green hoodie, Dark blue baggy pants and White shoes with stripes of red on it. He also wears a green, circle-shaped bracelet on his right arm. He has slightly long, dark brown hair. He never styles it, so it almost always looks messy as small tufts of hair are pointing out. Most notable about his appearance is his emerald green eyes and the stripe-like scar on his right hand. Both tend to glow whenever Bou is excited.

Personality traits:


-Learning new things


-Making new friends





-Out of control fire

-Wearing gloves


Bouka is a very optimistic character. He likes to mainly see the good things in stuff, and wants to show it to other people. He always acts very friendly to strangers and most of the time even to people he doesn’t really like. Bouka loves to go out exploring and making new friends. He also really tries to look at other people’s perspectives to try and understand them, if he first does not. He’s eager to learn about other people. However because of his friendly behaviour, Bou tends to be rather naïve about people, always expecting someone to do the right thing. If he realizes something does not match with his expectation of doing good, he can change into a serious, pessimistic or anxious person, still, this doesn’t happen a lot. Bou is a very impulsive person but overall a loveable goofball.

Bouka is enthusiastic, optimistic and joyful. He is usually radiating positivity wherever he comes. He normally is very friendly to strangers and likes to help them out whenever he can. Bou is a very curious individual. He loves to go out and explore new places or make new friends. Being so optimistic, he also can be quite naïve, almost to a fault. He likes to see the good things in people and things, and therefore usually tries to push away any negative thoughts about them, which doesn’t always result in a positive outcome. Bou has been manipulated by other people several times, becoming somewhat more sceptic each time, however it seems that his heart is always in the right place, willing to only do good and never walking away from that path.



This fox is a very fit individual. He has been training since very young and is still training his combat skills and general body capabilities. When put against average mobians or even more skilled fighters, Bou is able to fight them off and won’t quickly lose. He has been in several tournaments where he never wins, but never loses the first rounds.

Chaos Kitsune:

Bouka was born with a genetic mutation, being passed over from his mother. The mutation gives him the ability to produce chaos energy in his bloodstream and to control that energy to do a various amount of abilities. This Chaos Energy can be created by getting shots of adrenaline. The adrenaline activates a certain gland in his brain, which gives of Chaos Energy.

Of course, the amount of energy he can gain from this is far from unlimited, unlike a chaos emerald. He only has a limited source of it. Whenever his abilities use up almost all Chaos Energy in his blood, he can’t use any of these abilities anymore. This doesn’t mean his physical energy is used up, but it usually goes together, seeing as adrenaline can only do so much. His bracelet is an energy reserve for extra Chaos Energy that isn’t being used. Whenever he is not using these abilities, the bracelet is slowly being charged, so it can be used for situations where it is actually needed.

As mentioned before, the chaos energy can be used for several abilities that Bou has learned over the years. Here are some of his abilities listed down:

Chaos gauntlets: Bou’s signature ability. Whenever he engages in battle, he creates two gauntlets out of chaos energy. These gauntlets look transparent, but are solid in matter. The gauntlets are almost weightless to Bou, but most certainly pack a punch. If he’d want, he could also charge his gauntlets, giving it an electrical effect, being able to shock or burn people.

Chaos bullets: Similar to the chaos spear, Bou’s able to send out big, bullet-like energy-spheres. He can shoot them with quite some accuracy and uses them for long distance attacks. He can create several at the same time.

Chaos control: No Chaos-related character can do without chaos control. Chaos Control gives Bou the ability to slow down time. Sometimes close to a full-on stop time. Bou can use this ability voluntarily, but sometimes it happens out of reflex, saving him from impending doom.


-Good at making friends and sensing what others feel
-Very trustworthy
-Not easy to give up
-Good at long and short range


-Cannot deal with loneliness
-Has a bad sense of danger
-Gets easily distracted

-So apparently Chaos + Fire = Explosions? Bou has had a traumatic experience with fire during the destruction of Station Square as well, making it one of Bou’s biggest fears. That means fire attacks. Not campfires. Campfires are coo’.

Social relations:

Drake Frolig: Boubka’s father. The two share their love for adventure and their undying curiosity. This is very much visible in their relationship. When together, they usually look for something new to do. Eventhough his father is not always home, he wouldn’t know what to do without him. He has learned from his dad that you should always try to be positive and never stop trying new things.

More info about this character?:

Lara Chaol: Boubka’s mother. Bou has learned quite a bit from her. Lara’s is the caring component of the family and made Bou similar to her. When they’re both home they tend to share stories with each other. She also has the ability of controlling chaos energy. She is the one that taught Boubka how to use it.

More info about this character?:

Luka Frolig: Boubka's sister. Their relationship is very brother/sister like. They can annoy the hell out of each other, but they will always stand up for one another whenever it’s needed. They’re quite good friends as they have needed to take care of themselves quite a few times together. Bou admires Luka’s determination, and hopes he can get just as successful as Luka will become.

More info about this character?:

Craid Taron: Eventhough they don’t talk to each other a lot. The two of them seem to bond quite a bit. Bou enjoys the stories Craid tells him about his own adventures. He is also the one that helped him get away from the destruction of Station Square, and he’s very thankful for that. They also work at the same place. Overall, they seem like good conversation buddies.

More info about this character?:

Alina Marilayra: Although they don't share a lot of similarities, Boubka and Alina are very good friends. Alina found Boubka with a broken arm during the events of the destruction of Station Square and took care of him. Bou thinks Alina’s shyness is adorable. He wants to help her in any way to become a more social person.

More info about this character?:

Derek Quenevere: Boubka’s best friend. They met each other in primary school and never lost each other’s eyes since. They hang out a lot together and probably almost know everything about each other. Whenever he needs help with something ethical or analytical, He goes to Derek. Bou is really proud of how Derek is able to use that smart head of him to do all kinds of stuff Bou could only wish to do.

More info about this character?: 

Katie Briggs: Being fellow band members, they probably know the least of each other out of all of them. Katie never seems to clash with Bou, but that doesn’t mean that she’s on real friendly terms with him. They usually just mind their own business. Still, they enjoy each other’s company. Bou likes Katie’s raw enthusiasm, however sometimes she can get a bit too much for Bou to handle.

More info about this character?:

Abby Quenevere: His best friend's older sister. They’ve met a lot over the years and in the beginning shared so little words. Only a few years ago, since Abby has become more interested in the friend group that her little brother has, has she been really interacting with him. Their talk mostly consist out of senseless banter. Abby brings a new perspective in Bou's life. One that is guided by logic instead of heart. He has learned a lot from that.

More info about this character?: 


Born in Station Square. His parents are adventurers. In his first years, his parents didn't go anywhere to take care of Boubka and his sister. But after a few years, they got back to their previous job and travel long distances, leaving Bou and Luka behind at home. Mister Butterscotch, a wise owl, checked on the two by visiting at least once a day. So he learned with his sister to be independent.

On primary school, things didn't go as well. The other kids were afraid of him, seeing as his powers were still a bit unstable. They shielded themselves off Boubka. Although eventually, after some help from his best friend Derek, Boubka got some friends back. He found out that if you would just push hard enough, people would show their nice side to him. This gave him the idea that every person has at least something nice in them.

Then the destruction of Station Square came around. He was the only person in the family being home at the time. He couldn’t do much because of a disturbance in chaos energy near him (because reasons that I can't explain well I'm sorry but there is one I swear). He tried to get out of the city, but got caught by a falling piece of rubble, breaking his arm. Because of the shock he blacked out, when later, he woke up in a sidecar of Craid’s motorcycle, heading for Scelus. That’s where he lived with Luka, Craid, Alina and his parents for a few months. When their own home was fixed, they left Craid and Alina to go live in Station Square again.

In more recent years, Bou has made a lot of new friends and he continues to do so. On the other hand he has met certain people that he couldn’t befriend. Some people have misused his trust. For a short period Bou didn’t know what to do, until eventually, after meeting a few of his newly made friends, he saw that he shouldn’t give up on who he was.

Eventually, Bou got into a fight with the Goddess, that he was doomed to lose. Somehow he got away from the fight, but because of various disturbances in the sources of chaos energy, as well as his own sources overloading with energy, Bou got the right part of his face now covered in scarring similar to the one on his right hand. After this debacle, Bou has decided to go to his tribe and train more so that he can control his powers better next time. Currently, he's in Kahow Village, training to become a better fighter.