Alina Marilayra



3 years, 10 months ago

Basic Info


Alina Marilayra






February 16th, 1999


Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel






Bassist and waitress at the Butterscotch restaurant



Current Residence

House in the suburbs of Scelus

Marital status


Theme Song

Pomplamoose - Here It Goes Again ~


Personality traits:


-Being home


-The Internet

-Quiet parties




-Noisy areas



-Her awkwardness



Alina on first looks is a very shy girl. She doesn’t go outside a lot. She rather sits at home reading a book, studying and doing her most favourite thing, being on the internet. She knows about the m33ms, the games and all that jazz. If met for the first time, Alina can be very held back, afraid that you are maybe a bad person. In her past she has seen pretty dark things, not being able to trust anybody. Sometimes however, she is actually the one greeting you, seeing as she tries to force herself being social. When a conversation slowly gets rolling, Alina can wander off pretty easily in her thoughts, telling people a lot of interesting and funny things. However Alina could be easily put back in her shy mood when something unexpectedly happens. Overall she is a sweet girl, but also pretty steadfast, not just giving up her opinion for another’s


Combat traits:


Alina does not have any special super-human powers. She is actually pretty weak on her own and has no real combat experience. She however has practiced bow and arrow shooting, so her accuracy is pretty tight. She’d be able to shoot arrows and use a gun, but only when it is truly needed in her opinion. She strictly does not want to be a person that just wounds another guy for no real reason. That’s also why she doesn’t normally have a weapon just with her.

What also could be noted is that Alina is very smart and technical, so She knows how to build things. Especially with help of other smart people, she could be able to build machines. This would of course take a lot of time, since she isn’t the strongest builder.




-Good accuracy

-Stays with her believes



-As strong as a piece of paper

-No fighting experience

-Very bad at making friends


Social information:


Positive relations:


Craid Taron: Alina’s foster parent that has taken care of her since she was 9. Even though they have a very strong father-daughter relationship, they could also be seen as great friends, seeing as their age doesn’t really fit in a father-daughter perspective. They learn each other how to be more social and they pretty much enjoy the same things, like a calm atmosphere and reading. The difference in their hobbies though is that Craid like sword fighting, while Alina likes being on the internet, a thing Craid can still not fully work with.

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Luka Frolig: Alina’s best friend. Alina entered school when she was 9 and immediately got greeted by Luka, who was super friendly towards her. From that point on, their relationship has almost only seen positive points. Alina looks up towards Luka, seeing as she knows what she wants in the future and of course because of her athletic style of living, which is the total opposite of her lifestyle.

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Boubka Frolig: Even though they knew each other since the days that Alina met Luka, Bou and Alina only became real friends right after the destruction of Station Square, seeing as Boubka stayed with Alina for some time. Boubka learned Alina that it wasn’t bad to be social from time to time. Alina adores Boubka’s infinite optimism and is very interested in the way his powers work.

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Negative relations:

Prescill Marilayra: Alina’s older sister. Alina’s oldest memories are shared with her. Memories that aren’t bright. They lived on the dark and cold alleyways, living the thug life until she was 9. Alina doesn’t want to meet her sister, knowing that if she will, something bad is doomed to happen. She hates Prescill, but still feels deep inside that she is the only biological family she knows of.

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Alina has no memories of any of her parents being there for her. She doesn’t even know if they are alive or not. Her sister has never told her. Until the age of 9, Alina had lived the thug life on the streets, having to steal to be able to survive. Together with her sister, she stole whatever she could find. Her sister was keeping away the money, only spending a tiny bit of money on food, while the rest of the money was going to some unknown place.

On one fateful night, when Alina was 9, Craid was wandering through the same alleyway as Alina and her sister. Craid overheard their conversation. Prescill was forcing Alina into drugs dealing, otherwise she wouldn’t have enough money that she was spending to an unknown place. Alina steadfast didn’t want to. She yelled, but Prescill, being the older sister, was too strong to go into an argument with. That was when Craid decided to take care of Alina. Craid asked Prescill to come with her, but she refused. And she wasn’t just going to give Alina to him either. They fought. Prescill with a knife she always had with her, Craid with his sword. The match was easily decided. Craid was able to scare of Prescill after just a bit of showing what he was capable of. Alina wanted to stick with Craid, not being able to trust Prescill anymore, she was now stuck to trusting a fully unknown person, but she knew it would be the better choice.

Years pass and especially on the beginning of these years, Prescill still tried to take Alina with her one way or the other, all of them failed, because Alina now not only had Craid on her side, but also people that she had met after that. Alina was slowly feeling more safe, knowing that Prescill couldn’t take her back. Prescill eventually gave up, they have never seen eachother after that. Alina was doing pretty well in school. She started school when she was 9, but she easily learned her way through it and after a year she had already been announced smartest student of the class.

Eventually the destruction of Station Square came around. While she was trying to flee for what was looking like an apocalypse, she saw Boubka lying on the ground in a not so comfortable way. He broke his left arm. Alina, the person that knew the cyan fox, tried to take her with him. This was going at such a slow pace, that the fight had already finished before they could get out of the city. Alina decided that it would be better if they went to her house and see if she could patch Boubka up. Her house was still pretty intact. She helped Boubka recover, together with Craid. Boubka taught Alina to be a more social person.

Now, Alina is trying to meet new people, she is also busy studying, so that she could get a good paying job. Things are looking bright for her, after such a rough childhood, Alina is still adamant and tries to do what’s right.