Luka Frolig



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Basic Info


Luka Frolig








November 17th, 1997


Two-Tailed Kitsune


Vocalist/Guitarist and waitress at restaurant Butterscotch


Station Square

Current Residence

House in Station Square near the park

Marital status

Wibbly Wobbly (Gets in a relationship way too often to really tell)

Theme Song

Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes ~



Luka is a turquoise, two-tailed kitsune. She also has silver fur on certain spots. Her brown hair is covering half of her right eye, as the back of it seems to extend to her hips, pointing out at several places, however this seemed styled. It almost looks like a Christmas tree. She has quite an athletic build, being somewhat taller than the average mobian. She usually wears a green with yellow short T-shirt that shows her stomach, a pair of dark blue jeans and pink sneakers. She does likes to mix her outfit up however.

Personality traits:


-Going out



-Being creative




-Doing Nothing

-Asking for help

-Feeling left out

-Not following her schedule



Luka is very extrovert and therefore likes to show what she is capable of. She loves to be creative and then show it off to her friends or people she just met. She enjoys company of others and because of this does her best to include everyone in a conversation. Luka is easily excitable and bubbly and because of that, very energetic. So energetic in fact that she could be seen as a quite squeaky individual, which can be considered annoying by some. She can also come over as an intimidating person, as she likes to be in-your-face to new people. It should be mentioned however that she is very kind and friendly to strangers and her friends.

On the other hand, Luka is also a very analytical person. She keeps schedule of what she’s capable of doing that day and it is quite packed. It seems however, that Luka shows low effort to actually follow hers. She always seems to have time left to have a chat or to hang out with her friends. Luka is very determined to achieve her goals and shows it in a convincing matter. Everyone who truly knows her recognizes that following her actual schedule is quite an incredible feat.

Even though she is usually a very serious and logical person with her schedule, the usual impression you get from her is her more jolly side. She is the person that holds the concept of love very high. A bit too high in fact, seeing as she can easily be persuaded by a good looking guy. Sometimes, Luka is the only one who actually knows her current relationship status. Sometimes she doesn’t even know anymore. She loves her friends and she loves animals. She loves a lot of things. That’s Luka. She loves.



This fox is a very fit individual. She has been training since very young and is still training her combat skills and general body capabilities. When put against average mobians or even more skilled fighters, Luka is able to fight them off and won’t quickly lose. With use of her battle stick she usually has with, she’s able to withstand but also deal quite some blows.


-Way stronger than she looks

-Determined to stick to one goal

-Very extrovert

-Real teamplayer


-Can be impulsive when improvising

-Switches moods easily

-Easy to distract

-Tends to act as a human shield

Social relations:

Drake Frolig: Luka’s father. Luka often mentions that she got her enthusiasm from her dad and she’s proud of it. Luka looks up to her father, as he defied all odds and got the job he had always wanted, creating his own path. When the two are both at home, they tend to go out and try new things they’ve never did. They both seem to enjoy it quite a lot.

More info about this character?:

Lara Chaol: Luka’s mother. Where Drake gave Luka her enthusiasm, Lara gave her her heart. Seeing as they are both quite the romantics, they talk a lot about it. Lara has always been a loving mother and Luka sees her that way too. She has taught her a lot and in turn, Luka taught Lara a lot about how living in a city works somehow.

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Boubka Frolig: Luka’s brother. Their relationship is very brother/sister like. They can annoy the hell out of each other, but they will always stand up for one another whenever it’s needed. They’re quite good friends as they have needed to take care of themselves quite a few times together. Luka enjoys Bou’s optimism. Whenever she feels down, she knows she can always go to her brother to go cheer up.

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Alina Marilayra: Luka’s best friend. They have been friends since they were 9 years old. Their friendship has almost only seen positive points. Luka loves to be with Alina because of how they are so different, yet they still can have a lot of fun. Luka shares Alina’s determination to get that dream job they’ve worked for from the beginning. She also tries to get Alina to get more out of her comfort zone, which is an enjoyable sight to see for her.

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Katie Briggs: Luka’s best friend too. You can have two best friend okay. That’s legal. Katie and Luka met when they were babies, having the same babysitter. Since then they’ve been sharing each other’s company. Luka likes Katie’s raw energy. She can really get into Katie’s flow, which honestly is kind of dangerous for everyone else involved.

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Abby Quenevere: Being a year under her in primary and middle school, Luka and Abby have seen each other’s faces a lot. Both acting as their class’ representatives, they’ve shared a couple of words at the start of middle school too. Their friendship really only started off one time Luka came over to Abby's house, seeing as Bou brought her with him when he stayed over with Derek. Luka and Abby both being the older sisters that they are bonded over bullying their little brothers. Currently they’re roommates in an apartment close to their university. They seem to have a great bond going on.

 More info about this character?: 

Derek Quenevere: her brother’s best friend. Now he’s one of her friends as well. They usually hang out together with the whole band, never really being one on one. That’s not a problem however, as they still talk a lot. Luka gets the same vibe from Derek as she gets from Alina. Luka’s very different from Derek, however she still really enjoys Derek’s company. Also he’s really good at fixing her car.

More info about this character?: 

Craid Taron: Guess who’s also the hopeless romantic! Craid and Luka both love the bad roman genre and they often share stories. Luka has been on the look for a partner for Craid for years, however results seem to be lacking. This annoys her, however deep inside she knows he can find a girl himself.

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Born in Station Square. Her parents are adventurers. In her first years, her parents didn't go anywhere to take care of Luka and her brother. But after a few years. they sometimes are away for a long time. Mister Butterscotch, a wise owl, looked on the two by visiting at least once a day. So she learned with her brother to be independent. Luka enjoyed being given the independence and seemed to handle it quite well, coming out as a real strong self-sustaining person.

After a year working at Restaurant Bittersweet, she thought it was nice setting up a band together with her friends Alina, Bou, Derek and Katie. Since then they’ve been playing a lot there. She’s still adamant on getting somewhat further with her band, playing at small festivals, even though in the end she doesn’t seem to have the time for it.

Luka is currently studying to be a vet and is very eager to be learning it. She gained an intern job at Riley’s building as a student veterinarian. She also lives with Abby in an apartment that is close to the university. Things seem to be going well for her, and she can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.