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"Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean."
— Maya Angelou

◇ Basics ◇

Name// Artemisia
Alias// Misia
Age// 2 Years
Gender// Female
Orientation// Straight
Species// Wolf
Breed// ½ Timber ¼ Dire ⅛ Fringe Dire ⅛ Hellhound
Pack// Saboro
Rank// Hawkeye [Elite]
Artemisia is very aggressive and violent. She tends to be cruel with no remorse within her, letting people suffer from her actions or their own failures. This goes hand-in-hand with physical injuries, as she likes to watch people get tortured, enjoying their pain. She will have others do the killing for her entertainment, seeing if they're worthy enough for their job, rewarding them, or if they're worthless and should be dead. Artemisia is a killing machine, learning at a young age how to fight and effectively. She's extremely smart, calculating her steps like a chess board in order to succeed. She will strive to become a commander of some sort, wanting control over the masses to follow her father and be loyal.

◇ History ◇

► Born within Saboro
► Becomes dangerously close to Knife
► Knife tries to escape and Artemisia, loving her, decides to ignore it
► Because of that, Sol Katti punishes her by throwing her out of the family and taking her tattoos
► Very angered and strives to be better and prove she isn't worthless
► Goes to the Inarian war to prove herself, is successful.
► Every interaction is done with anger, and this doesn't help her case, except for with one case: Crenate, the new Saborine.
► He makes her his Spectre and they both train together, growing closer
► Artemisia starts to strive for something better, and she protects Crenate fiercely.
► Protects Crenate's children as well, especially during the volcanic eruption
► Tries to get Rorschach to safety.
► Tries to calm Crenate down as he saw Hecate escape, though is met with teeth, but she doesn't back down, only goes forward as his spectre.
► Gathers the harpies to try to take care of the children while the eruption is going on, though they are either gone or struck hard by the volcanic ash.
► Temporary Vulture until Croatoan is appointed as the new one.
► Crenate gets promoted to Sabor, and he promotes Artemisia to Hawkeye and gives her back her tattoos.
► Assists in the Tortuga move.