Fletch Newman



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An investigative journalist, now reporting on his own bad decisions


  • INTJ

To all who know him, Fletch (or Newman, to most) is a polite and hardworking man. He seems to have several irons in the fire at any given moment, and still manages to keep up with every project in a timely fashion. These projects range from work-related assignments to volunteering for charity and several personal hobbies including backpacking. He has a tendency to insert his personal life into conversation, which is either simply annoying or makes those talking to him feel unaccomplished in comparison. Some call him an overachiever, but he claims he does so much only because he enjoys it all.

In actuality, Fletch isn't sure what he enjoys. Many of his intellectual and charitable pursuits are well disguised but frantic attempts to find something that makes him happy, while also appearing virtuous in the eyes of his peers. His interest in many of the finer arts he pursues and discusses with others is merely a superficial attempt to appear prestigious. A coward with a fear of conflict, he's also quick to take nuetral stances in the hopes of appeasing both parties of an argument; it's easy to note that his loyalties are largely circumstantial.

Fletch's superficiality isn't malevolent, nor is it done entirely consciously. A notedly meek character, he believes that the way to make himself happy is through bettering himself in the eyes of others, even if that means ignoring his true desires - things he's shut out for so long he no longer knows what they are.

Male (cis)
December 12th
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  • He enjoys writing poetry and prose for himself.
  • He is gay, but doesn't really realize that's an option for him.
friend, resource

Fletch consulted Ava as a source for a couple of articles, and, getting along well together, they formed a friendship outside of work. That friendship soon became a sort-of-relationship, and though Ava was more than patiend with him, Fletch ultimately seemed too distracted to commit to being more than just friends. He's not sure why, and feels a little guilty; he likes her, why is the idea of a relationship with her so hard for him? But Ava seems understanding, and they continue to do work together and meet in their free time.

Considering Ava's line of work, it's inevitable that she would be assigned to the recent string of murders in the area. Unwilling to compromise his friendship with Ava or his public image, but threatened with his life by Fink, Fletch finds himself acting as a double agent between his best friend and a serial killer. He just has to hope Ava's trust in him will prevent her from suspecting him as the murderer...


Running into Fink was an accident, really. Getting roped into helping the serial killer was... less of one. But hey, he's not dead, and he has an incredible opportunity to write a unique investigative feature, so there's no harm... right?

Fletch genuinely wants to understand Fink and his motives. The fact that Fink is prone to mood swings, manipulative, and won't ever give him a straight answer isn't helping. But Fletch assists him anyways (usually by buying supplies), hoping to learn through observation. His compliance slowly morphs from an investigative pursuit to reactions out of genuine fear of the other man.

By the time Fletch realizes he's fucked up deeply, it's too late. He can't publish his report because it would incriminate him, and he can't quietly stop working for Fink because he'll kill him. The guilt drives him to turn himself in - and there's enough evidence to incarcerate him as the sole murderer.

  • Height: 6'2"-ish (probably taller)
  • Hair: Somewhere between dirty blonde and brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Build: Average

Fletch is rather tall, and, as a fan of activities like biking and backpacking, in fairly good shape. However, stress has given him the face of a man slightly older than he actually is.

He's overall very concious of his appearance and keeps himself well groomed and his hair neatly trimmed. He dresses in mostly warm, business-casual clothes and sports a large assortment of jackets; in the summer, he'll trade these in for simple polos and lighter sweaters. Occassionally he'll wear a tie, but rarely does he dress fully formal.

His favorite wardrobe colors are muted greens, teals, browns and yellows.

In public, Fletch often presents himself with a reserved confidence and a kind and friendly smile. As he becomes more and more involved with Fink, his smiles become nervous, bags appear under his eyes, and his previous confidence is replaced with an air of anxiety and urgency.

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