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Hullo! Welcome to my profile :] I'd love it if you read the whole warning, it'd mean a ton to me <33

General Warnings:

- I do cuss a lot, lmk if it's something that makes you uncomfy <3 I'll be glad to watch my mouth around you /srs

- Some (not any yet but soon) of my chars have tendencies with achohol/drugs. I will have them in a special folder.

- I use emotes (:], ovo, :D, etc) a lot, so be prepared for that lol

- A LOT of bulletins will come your way.

- Vents/Bl00d/Slight gore

Warnings For You



- Don't ask/offer on chars that aren't in the "Shop" folder or are pending to another person.

- Don't ask for something that's closed (Ex: If trades are closed, don't ask to do one)

- Don't be trans/homo/queerphobic. It's not cool. You have no reason to act like that.

- Don't be racist. It's also not cool. You have no reason to be rude to people of color.

- Don't use slurs that are against any group of people.

Warnings From Me

- I have anger issues. I also lash out very easily, especially if I've been irritated for a while. I just want to say sorry in advance if I ever blow up and/or snap at you when you haven't done anything that deserves it (TRANS/HOMO/QUEERPHOBIA, RUDNESS, SLURRING, AND/OR BEING RACIST IS CONSIDERED DESERVING OF AT LEAST A BIT OF FIRMNESS.)

- I also have Social Anxiety Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder, so sorry if I sound awkward or something when/if we talk for the first time

- I am Panromantic, Demisexual, Non-Binary Garlic Bread, and a Furry. If you are against anything that I just listed, get the fuck off my profile.

Triggers For Me:

A quick thsnk you to Pepper ( for helping and comforting me while I typed this out ^^

Please don't ask about any of these. I'd rather keep some things to myself.

- Car crashes (cars in general too, but mostly the accidents-- horrible memory trigger, often causes bad panic attack)

- Hospitals (Bad memory trigger, anxiety attack)

- Shells (Nothing too bad, just makes me sad and a little less sane. It's fine if you mention them but I'd rather you not)

- Sexual Abuse (Horrible memory trigger, panic attack)

- Forced Triggering (Ex: You commenting with one of these on purpose to see my reaction.) (Bad memory trigger, panic attack)

Banned Words On My Profile:

- The n word

- Any slur against POC or LGBTQIAP+

- C*nt

- More will be added soon.


- Woot woot! Nobody's here :] Let's keep it that way please!

Ways to get Blacklisted:

- Triggering me on purpose

- Being trans/homo/queerphobic

- Being rude repetitively to me/my chars/my art/ANY OF MY FRIENDS

- Not owning up to actions

Thsnk you so much for reading all of this <3

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