Eve's Comments

Heeey it's the girl!!! I gotta get Nikky on here dang!! I'll work on that today!

Yesss!! Get Nikky over there!! TvT/ Please do!! TvT/


She looked back to the ginger haired girl, seeing as she was referring to her. She turned herself around all the way.
"I could be, Why are you asking?"

The petite stranger having unconsciously bounced over was taken aback by the sudden social interaction.

"I... uh... love your face! Oh no wait that sounds weird."

She cleared her throat and offered out her hand.

"Let me try that again. Hi! I'm Justine and my dad's a pumpkin. So you can say I'm something of an expert pumpkin enthusiast! ...why does that stillĀ sound weird? ITS NOT! I assure you, I just came to say you're really pretty and I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!"