6 years, 5 months ago


  • Roseanne (Rose)
  • Cis Female
  • 40cm/5'7
  • Shapeshifter
  •  $88CAD


A gentle and compassionate soul, Rose often enjoys taking time out of her day to help others, even if they receive nothing in return, simple minded girl that seeing those struggling now happy gives them fuzzy-good feels. Rose can be a little nervous and timid around those she isn't familiar with doesn't last long tho, although playful and outgoing from a younger age but a bad experience changed that. Hasn't lost the spark for it just a bit cautious about who she can be that way with.
Is deeply  in love with her beloved Dimitri

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Design Notes

  • Has at least one rose tucked behind her ears!
  • Anatomy is based off of Red x Mexican Wolf
    • Often mistaken for a large coyote. Light-thin built with tall pointy ears.
  • Anatomy is Red Wolf and Mexican Wolf based.
  • Her hair is optional! Although preferred. Long length with waves.
  • Body freckles and "fawn" markings don not need to be exact!
  • Thick and silky smooth medium to short length tail.

Quick facts

  • Full name; Roseanne "Rose" Van den Berg 
    • Speaks; Dutch (native), French (fluent), English (fluent), Russian (learning).
  • She's pretty good with herbs are can heal basic ailments or injuries, besides that she also knows how to spot different types of flowers and herbs for healing.
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