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"Welcome, to the House of Jack! If you need me, I'll be behind the bar, or in the tight pants! Or both. I ain't fussy."

Ignacio Hernandez was something of a disreputable fellow. A slender figure of a man, the raccoon had to make use of his smarts in a criminal underworld where brute force ruled. A keen business sense, and an amiable disposition, easily saw him to being one of the front faces of Trinus' illegal gambling rings.

Unfortunately, with such a position comes ego, and with ego comes mistakes. It wasn't too long before he found himself in prison. Unfortunately for the guards, he also found himself out of prison... and seemingly vanished into the night.

In lighter news, it seems in recent days a polar bear by the moniker of 'Suave' has been making his name known on the nightclub circuit. A charismatic fellow, it seemed that one day he and his House of Jack seemingly appeared out of nowhere - though then again, people come and go all the time. Nothing to see here!

[Full Name] Ignacio Roderigo Hernandez [Age] 43
[Nickname(s)] Suave [Gender] Male
[Species] Raccoon/Polar Bear [Sexuality] Bisexual
[Occupation] House of Jack Owner [Theme] Postmodern Jukebox - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
[Height] As a raccoon, 5'5"
As a bear, 6'4"
[Build] As a raccoon, Suave was a relatively slender individual. As a bear, Suave is a large burly figure, built with squared shoulders and thick, lightly defined musculature.
[Colour Scheme] Raccoon;
  • Grey, black & white fur
  • White hair
  • Brown eyes
  • White fur & hair
  • Blue eyes
[Features] Raccoon;
  • Small goatee hanging from chin
  • Wing tattoo on left pectoral
  • Ring piercing ear
  • Slicked back hair
  • Fluffy ruf of fur around neck
  • As a raccoon, Suave often adorned himself in cheap suits - usually a simple black or deep red. Underneath, he'd wear a white shirt with a popped collar, trying to maintain a 'smart casual' look.
  • As a bear, he's moved on to more specifically tailored suits. He owns a variety, in a range of colours - most of which adorned with the 'Clubs' symbol. This symbol also adorns both his belt buckle, and the small ring he wears on his finger, acting as a recognisable symbol of his presence.
  • When dancing, Suave has his own personalised set of disconcertingly tight latex-y pants. These, similar to his suits, tend towards using the 'Clubs' symbol in their designs - matching up once more to the belt he maintains through both attires. On top of this, he also tends to wear rather large knee-high boots. Rocket boots to be precise. Not that most people can tell.
  • He has, of course, also been known to've worn an orange jumpsuit in the past...
At some point in time, the best way to describe Suave would've been as a man with ruthless ambition. A desire to find success wherever he could, and to push himself to achieve far above his standing. And whilst he's never been one to go to extreme lengths, his desires have certainly seen him take less-than-legal actions to pursue greater gains.
On some level, this has never entirely left him. A charismatic individual who's wits have seen him through more than a few trials, the man once known as Ignacio Hernandez definitely has a lot more self-confidence than one in his current position should have any right to have. Whereas some individuals in-hiding would actually spend their time... well, in-hiding, Suave instead relishes his ability to perform and put himself in the spotlight - stood in plain sight of those who are so desperate to find him.
Still, the Suave of today is definitely more mature than his younger self. His time in prison, the collapse of his marriage, and the loss of access to his daughter, have all resulted in an individual less keen on scheming, and more focused on the protection of those around him. Acting as a father figure to his staff, the polar bear is a significantly more thoughtful figure, determined to hold on to what he has... and deeply afraid of anything that could take that from him.
  • As befitting a business mind with the ability to manipulate chance, the big guy likes numbers. Odds, calculations, the shifting of measurements, all of them hold a deep interest to him.
  • Suave has an incredible love for classical gambling games - casino roulette, card games, even the small dice games one occupies themselves with in smoky old bars. Of course, these days he tends to try and stick to more games of skill. After all, he finds games of chance... too easy.
  • Despite owning a club that generally plays... well, heavy beating club music, Suave himself is quite the fan of swing music. He occasionally likes to style himself as a gentleman rogue of the era - not afraid to grab someone for a quick dance.
  • As befitting a male poledancer, he rather enjoys showing off. He feels freedom in the ability to perform in front of others - with a silent sense of satisfaction at how oblivious the world around him is to his identity.
  • As should be expected, anything that threatens his current freedom. Ignacio is paranoid that at some point he'll lose everything again - and only really have himself to blame.
  • Suave is not a fan of the law - or more specifically, policemen. Having been arrested by a corrupt cop in the past, and having had a rather brutal one chase him down after his escape, he struggles to respect them as people genuinely out to help maintain order.
  • Underaged teens trying to make a pass in his club. Seriously, you're not fooling anyone. Plus like, he's old enough to be your dad. Stop it, it's creepy. We're not gonna take your smokes from you, but you need to do that outside. And no we're not selling you a drink.
  • Harvey Gardner. That big cat is... scary. He seems to be all inviting charisma, dressed all up in his nice suit, but underneath he's just a criminal! ...It's scary what can reflect.
Personal History
As a young man, Ignacio Roderigo Hernandez got himself into a whole variety of trouble. The archetypical 'handsome rogue', he put his rough charm to work to get what he wanted. It started off simple, in school selling adult magazines to students, and sneaking in the odd cigarette here and there. This youth however, built a personal business sense and savvy that would define his future.
Leaving school, it wasn't too long before he found himself working for a bookies. Working at a low level, he interacted directly with the customers - putting his personality to use in attempts to twist the arms of those who came in towards spending... just that little but more.

It was during his time working there that he came to meet a young lady named Bianca. The two hit it off, and in a relatively short space of time Bianca became pregnant. It wasn't too long after this that Ignacio proposed - and once young Rufina Hernandez was born, the two became wed.
They made for a happy family... however not a particularly well-off one. The suddeness of both the child and the wedding had resulted in a significant cut in Ignacio's savings. Now having to support a wife and kid, it became immediately apparent that his current job was not going to supply the funds they needed - and despite the positive impact his presence had bought to the store in which he worked, their eagerness to keep him working face to face with the customers meant there was a hesitance to move the raccoon up into higher positions.

Thus, soon Ignacio had to turn to other means of income. Starting his own makeshift business, Suave began taking and organising bets of his own - on matters both legal and illegal. And even where things seemed legal and perfectly fine, he found ways to shift the odds in his favour.
For it was at around this point, Ignacio became aware of 'The Tilt'. Whilst he'd always seemed adept in games of chance, the young raccoon soon came to realise he held the innate power to tip the scales of luck in his favour. The more random an outcome might be, the more control he'd have over it... something which came in very handy when he needed that little bit extra pay out. It was shady, and a secret well-kept from Bianca - but it provided enough extra cash to let them get by.
Still... Ignacio was ambitious, and wanted to do more than simply 'get by'. Expanding further, he began to make a name for himself in the underworld of Trinus under the nickname of 'Suave', using his smooth-talking skills in combination with his powers to make bigger and bigger moves.
Soon enough, his ambition and ability got him noticed by an underground fighting group by the name of 'Ferus'. And it wasn't long after that, that the newly-recognised Suave was contacted by Arthur Snibbets.

Harvey Gardner, the owner of Ferus, wanted him to be the official bookmaker for the illegal fighting ring. The raccoon, seeing the opportunity to allow himself, Bianca, and the ever-growing Rufina to truly live comfortably, agreed in a heartbeat - leaving his position at the bookies to make this his soul source of income.
It worked well for him, allowing him to provide for his family, and to put his skills to good use. He enjoyed both the influence and money the position provided - as well as some of the entertainment that Ferus could provide.
There was admittedly a slight concern. Occasionally the violence would perhaps be... well, a little much. On top of which, Gardner himself could be rather intimidating, regularly checking up on Ignacio's performance, and keeping an eye... perhaps a little too closely. Whilst it was never said, there was always the slight feeling, the slight implication that having signed up to work for Ferus... Suave had signed up for life.
Still... this wasn't truly an issue, not as far as the raccoon felt at the time. After all, he had no intention of leaving.

Still, with such unruly business came unruly customers - and for every person happily walking away with their winnings, there was another kicking up a fuss about how their loss was 'unfair'. As such, it was important to learn the customers - and how to best respond to and deal with them.
Unfortunately, it seemed inevitable that at some point the more unpleasant Ferus attendees would become his undoing. One one occasion, a corrupt officer who had been helping Ferus operate out of sight of the Trinus police department had made his own bet - and lost a significant amount of money on it. Not content to let things be, the cop confronted Suave after the loss, demanding his money back - plus some more on top for his 'services to Ferus'.
Suave, as self-confident as ever, refused.

Soon enough, the raccoon was sat in the back of a police car, taking a ride to the station. The corrupt official, knowing that there were PLENTY of things he could charge Suave with, decided to have his petty revenge by arresting the over-confident rogue.
Unfortunately for the cop, this plan rather backfired, as it became rather immediately evident that he only knew about Suave's illegal dealings due to his OWN attendance to the Ferus fighting rings. Ignacio was more than willing to testify against him in turn - having the charges against himself reduced as a result of his cooperation.

At the same time, his association with Ferus did provide him with further issues. Whilst they could lessen Ignacio's sentence slightly due to his word against the officer who arrested him, he refused to sell out Gardner or the fighting ring which he ran. This became a large point of contention in the raccoon's life - constantly pressured by those prosecuting him to fess up... whilst at the same time feeling the pressure of Ferus itself in the back of his mind. He was certain if he let anything slip... he would be hearing from Harvey Gardner.
And whilst in the end Suave did survive the trials of the courtroom... his marriage did not.

It started with arguments over the obvious - how Ignacio could go behind Bianca's back. How he could get so heavily involved in the criminal underworld of the city.
Tensions built - and only escalated as Bianca learnt how dangerous the people he'd associated himself with might be. There was a fear that in his thoughtlessness - in his aspirations to make a name for himself - he could have put himself, and his family, in danger.
His refusal to cooperate with the police on the matter of Ferus was the final straw. She begged and pleaded him to say anything - anything he could to help their investigations. But he held his silence... and as a result, wound up ending his marriage.

The next few years in prison were hard. At first, it seemed that perhaps they might not be... after all, Ignacio had his wits, his charm, and his key experience running business far beneath the nostrils of the authorities. Whilst he wasn't the biggest guy there, he knew exactly how to give people what he wanted to gain a position of power that saw him safe and trusted behind bars. In many ways, it was a callback to his old school days - selling cigarettes and magazines, and trading in favours when and where he could.
On top of this, he still had opportunity to see Rufina. Whilst at first Bianca was cold to the idea of allowing their daughter to see him in prison, it wasn't too long before the visitations began - at first with Bianca watching over. Over time however, as Rufina grew older, she began to visit on her own behalf, keeping her father updated on the goings-on in the outside world.

But that outside world was seeming further away each day. Whilst Ignacio's sentence had supposedly been reduced... it seemed that the longer he stayed in prison, the more things that 'came to light'. Oftentimes it was nothing truly new - ground that had already been covered in the original court case. But a slight reinterpretation of the law later, and suddenly he found his sentence being extended.
It wasn't just that his original sentence was being adjusted either. Any minor problem in prison, any minor disruption he may've caused... seemed to result an extension.
And the whole time he was being told the same thing over and over; If he were to give them information on Ferus, his sentence would be HEFTILY reduced.
Considering his lack of willingness to get into Gardner's bad books... it was starting to feel that perhaps Suave would be in prison forever.

Still, the company at least was nice. It wasn't a particularly high security prison - intergender, with a variety if low-level criminals. Suave took a particular shine to a handful of them - including a large friendly gentleman who's hands were bound, and a young lady in the cell neighbouring his own. The young lady was Eva... and he took a particular shine to her.
Eventually, Eva was joined in her cell by another young lady called Lydia. Lydia had supposedly been a superhero prior to being placed in jail, and that placed a target on her head. And whilst Suave would normally try to avoid associating with someone like her... unfortunately, Eva quite immediately took a liking to her cellmate.
Wanting to keep in Eva's good books, Suave decided to keep an eye out for the young girl - subtly at first... but increasingly openly as he realised her naievety, and considered it more and more important to stand up for her. Whilst originally he looked out for Lydia as a means to better relating to Eva, over time he took a liking to her, and saw it as his own moral duty to make sure she remained uncorrupted by the prison environment.

Her naievety and innocence soon truly came to the fore when she revealed something to Suave - and the rest of the small group. The superhero had entered the prison as part of an undercover mission of sorts. She'd spent her time there, taken her chances... and was going to be leaving soon. And she had her own escape plan...
This, as far as Suave was concerned, was an opportunity. The group often had talks about what they'd do when they got out - the others had mentioned having dreams of opening a club together. And well, as far as he was concerned... why wait?
Putting his charm to use - and perhaps taking some advantage of young Lydia's naievety - he managed to convince the others. When she left... they all left.

The plan, surprisingly, went off without a hitch! Soon enough, Suave, Eva, Lydia, and a handful of other prisoners made their escape!
Of course, life out of prison was difficult at first - whilst Lydia's name was soon cleared, the rest of them had to remain in hiding. At the very least, this was the case, right up until they discovered the reason that their fellow prisoner's hands were bound.
The large boisterous man had a tendency towards enthusiastic clapping. And each time he clapped... something happened. Not something specific. Something... impossible, insane, random. The odds were that literally anything could happen... and that gave Suave an idea.

Realising that with The Tilt, his powers could alter the probability of whatever outcomes could occur from the clap, the wily raccoon came to quite a startling conclusion. Together, they had the power to do anything.
It started simply enough, attempting to create disguises for themselves - alternate forms to assume at will. Eva and Suave (by this point a fully fledged couple) opted to design each other's new forms. Eva soon took the from of a bendy puma, whilst the small raccoon soon found himself in the rather large form of a polar bear. A polar bear with rocket boots.
Of course, the next step after that was slightly bigger... Whilst the group had new identities of sorts, what they really lacked was a new life. And that was something he intended to sort for all of them...

One clap later, and a new business enterprise was born. Finding an empty rundown building in the south of Trinus, Suave had shifted the scales of chance and made it his own - and prettied it up in the process! A bundle of money too, had found it's way to them with another clap - setting them up for a future with this place!
Eva put her foot down on doing anything further, believing some balance in the universe was required - lest what they gained was what someone else had lost. Suave relented... but that was fine. The dream was alive now - he'd given to the others the dream they'd spoke of before in prison. Their own little nightclub - The House Of Jack!

The next few months were a whir of experiences and faces. Whilst unfortunately the relationship with Eva was not to last, the two remained on good terms. Together, and with the other prisoners, they keep the House of Jack running, through good and bad.
There were many positive experiences to've been had too. Over time, the staff were joined by fellow prison escapee Guy - under the guise of Gail. Suave too, got to meet Rosalind Valentine - rival business owner, new friend, and potential-

Of course, not everyone has been so good to see, and over time, the ex-convict has been given more and more reason to stay on his toes. Visitation from detectives and police officers have been brief unpleasantries - and whilst he could share a friendly word with individuals such as Willow, those conversations have always held an inherent tenseness in the back of his mind.
Harvey Gardner too, has more than once made his presence known on the nightclub floor. Whilst he's shown no sign of recognising Suave... he still strikes an intimidating figure.

The most interesting to see of all however... has been young Rufina Hernandez. She seems to be doing well, getting on with her own life - and leaving her father with questions.
Should he step back in? Or would it be easier for her if he just... observed from afar.

The House Of Jack has become Suave's life. And inside the House Of Jack... there are many interesting faces to be seen.
Conflict Traits
[The Tilt] Suave has the ability to even up the odds - or, to an even greater degree, odd up the evens. To be more precise, he has the ability to manipulate chance, and define the outcome of more randomly dictated events.
Generally speaking, the more luck-based something is, the more easily he can alter the odds. For example, flipping a coin has a close-to-50% chance of landing on either side. As the likelihood of either outcome is rather equal, Suave can very easily tip the balance - 'tilting' chance in his favour and essentially controlling whatever side the coin will land on.
This tilt can also be used with events where their outcome has more deciding/determining factors - however to a much lesser degree. Should a trained boxer attempt to punch in inanimate object, it is extremely likely that he will directly hit his target. The boxer's moves and actions are controlled by the boxer himself, and are thusly much more difficult to effect. However, Suave CAN at least slightly push things in the inanimate objects favour - though only by a couple of percentage at most.
The more chance is already weighed in one direction, the harder it is to tilt the other way. Still, with the right circumstances and a variety of creative applications, Suave can hold a large degree of control on the world around him. Never gamble with a polar bear.
[Transformative Disguise] Having taken advantage of the powers of another to grant himself the current alternate form of a polar bear, Suave was of course mindful enough as to ensure he could still gain access to his original form. As such, Ignacio is capable of swapping between his original raccoon self AND his current polar bear self, entirely at will.
[Rocket Boots] Of course, with his new polar bear form came a fancy pair of rocket boots! They look good, albeit, Suave has literally no idea of how to use them. Attempts to fly in the past have resulted in fumbling hovering at best, abrupt crashes at worst. Still, he holds on to them - for the inevitable occasion on which he'll need his rocket boots.
[Keen Wit]
[Rough Charm]
By far, Suave's two greatest attributes are his intelligence and his charisma. In the past both have been used a great deal to see his schemes through to the end -using his mind to lay out great plans, and his manner to get people to go along with them - whether they intend to or not.
These have often worked in conjunction with his powers, to allow him to achieve his often quite lofty aims. Having the knowledge of how to manipulate outcomes with The Tilt, and combining that with the ability to win over people with his charm, Suave has done his best to keep his business booming whilst preventing his staff from falling under the watchful eye of the local authority.
[Physical Prowess] Whilst not quite a full-scale bodybuilder, Suave is still never-the-less a physical specimen - at least in his polar bear form. As per Eva's designs and desires, he's a large, towering figure, with a decent degree of bulk to him. He's physically fit, generally well, and thanks to the combination of muscle and size, rather strong to boot.
[Business Savvy] Whilst Suave would perhaps consider the term too stuffy to use in reference to himself, he is at his core a businessman. Having had plenty of experience in businesses both legal and illegal, as well as having run establishments on both sides of the law, he has truly learned what it takes to keep a place like House Of Jack afloat and making money.
[Gambling] Unsurprisingly, Suave was once quite a gambler. Whilst in the past he made his fair share of money off of running or operating in various gambling rings, he did occasionally like to place bets of his own - and could oftentimes prove to be rather succesful at it, even without the use of his powers.
>[ Card Tricks ] Of course, Suave has never been particularly averse to manipulating the odds. He knows his fair share of sleight-of-hand tricks - and has employed them in the past to make money where and when he could.
Whilst he tends not to gamble much these days, he still occasionally shows off a few small tricks to those who ask. These days however, he presents them more as magic tricks, rather than as something to perform in a game of poker.
[Dancing] As a poledancer, Suave is... consistent. Whilst nowhere near the level of his colleagues, and definitely lacking their flexibility and agility, the big guy at least has a few moves up his sleeves to impress the crowds! He's a relatively solid performer - even if not a spectacularly impressive one.
Combat Tactics
Suave is very much not a combatant. Despite having spent plenty of time around Ferus, he has never had any desire towards fighting for himself, and indeed, would rather dissuade or diverge from any confrontation should it come his way. And should conflict inevitably fall upon him? He's more than happy to resort to fighting dirty if it means escaping unscathed.
Ever the opportunist, Suave will often attempt to use the environment in combination with his powers to try and bring a quick end to fights. What's the likelihood of the floorboards giving way and leaving his opponent trapped? What are the chances his foe will trip on a shoelace and knock himself out on an ill-placed stool? How likely is someone, in the heat of battle, to completely miss a punch? These are all the sorts of things Suave desperately hopes to tilt in his favour as he improvises with his locale.
Of course, should worst come to worse, despite having no combat-training Suave is still a rather large man. Capable of dealing out some serious damage with just his bare hands, pushed into a corner the polar bear will simply swing for the fences - and attempt to push luck into his favour.
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Ignacio is a trifecta - smart, strong, and smooth-talking. And he is fully adept at using all of these traits to his advantage.
  • A rather succesful business figure, Suave knows the ins and outs of his craft. And with that success has come a reasonable amount of cash...
  • Suave is extremely ambitious and driven. Something of an optimist in his forward-thinking, he is very willing to set goals and then strive for them, not taking 'no' for an answer.
  • Suave is highly protective of both his family and those he considers to be as close as family. He has a big heart - and it is easily taken advantage of.
  • Ignacio can be extremely overconfident to the point of cockiness, being too reliant on his powers to do things far out of their scope.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes his ambition can become over-ambition. The polar bear has many times aimed for things far beyond his reach - and has just as often blinded himself to those around him in pursuit of his goals.
Misc. & Trivia
  • The symbol for the suit of clubs is often used to represent Suave. Whilst it's most obviously used in regards to him being a club owner, it is also worth noting that some cultures consider the same symbol to be that of a clover - a symbol for luck.
  • Despite having been written as a raccoon long before ever becoming a polar bear, his polar bear design was created long before how he looked as a raccoon was even considered.

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