Loki Smedley



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Personality Traits: I assume that everyone needs even the most basic concepts explained to them.

Ideals: Logic: It's foolish to let emotions and principles interfere with the conclusions of logic.

Bonds: In my laboratory, I discovered something that I think could eliminate half the life in existence.

Flaws: I have a rather embarrassing mutation that I do everything I can to keep hidden.

Loki is standoffish and snarky no matter who he's taking to. He takes himself and his work very seriously and will belittle anyone who stands against him or his ways. He hates being given advice, even if it turns out to be correct. He never admits when he's wrong and won't go down without a fight. There's no question he's intelligent and good at what he does, but he'll only share his work once it's perfect. He's a perfectionist, a satirist and has no empathy towards anyone.

During his time with his clade he worked on crypsis projects, mainly focusing on how to transfer information secretly and safely. His main focus was encryption, although he wasn't entirely sure what that meant. He'd made it his goal to figure it out and implement it, a goal he succeeded at. He was promoted to a very high position and given a team of his own to develop the encryption more, make more versions and generally improve it. What he didn't realise was that his clade was using it to spread information about simic hybrids; specifically where they were and what they could do. With a mutation of his own, Loki hadn't given much thought to hybrids and figured they were accepted. After tapping some encrypted lines and listening in on his superior's conversations he found that those with mutations were deemed dangerous, disgusting and only useful for destruction and death. Loki took this to heart and quit his job, but continues to eavesdrop on encrypted lines.

Loki in Ivory Vale

Loki is the head of the Science Ward at the Purification HQ. He was recruited by Isla after she took interest in his work and was put onto a team with Tsuna, Noelle and Sessile. They became one of the first proper teams Isla formed, and were in the field for most of their first years as Purifiers. Loki enjoyed the work and actually had fun using his magic under pressure and improvising solutions, but that all disappeared when Isla requested he and Tsuna hire teams to assist them in their research. Devoting all his time to the Science Ward, he became a rare face around HQ and turned back to hiding in the shadows to avoid interactions.


Loki was recruited by Isla before her rulings on teams were created. He was working with his clade on a crypsis project, focusing mainly on the transfer of information in secret and encrypted streams. He was considered a 'scientist' here, or the lowest level of employment. This got on his nerves because he knew he was better than that, but the higher-ups wouldn't listen to him. He knew the only way to progress was to do what he was asked, so he did. He created an encrypted stone of farspeech, one that couldn't be tapped into or altered magically. Once he told his superiors he was promoted to one of the highest levels in the clade and lead projects focused on altering the stones even more, just to see how much they could alter the magic. Word was spreading at this point, and eventually reached Isla's ears. When he was offered a stable job in the highest level of management he jumped at the opportunity, leaving the clade behind and moving to the Purification HQ.

Almost immediately Loki hit it off with the others present. There weren't many; Isla, Myles, Tsuna, Noelle and Sessile. The other three had been recruited under similar circumstances and, despite his nature, he found comfort in people with similar mindsets to him. Tsuna's reckless abandon and desire for power resonated with him, while Noelle's stern outlook and few words were a welcome presence. At first he didn't know what to make of Sessile but soon found her bubbly attitude and impressive powers to be a source of intrigue. Isla decided to make them the first Purification team, and Tsuna dubbed them Reperio. She started the trend of naming teams.

As the Purifier numbers grew Isla decided to reroute Loki's attention to focus more on his ward than on purifying. He'd already made an entire stock of encrypted stones of farspeech and done some small experiments in his free time, but Isla wanted more. She requested he and Tsuna hire teams to aid their research, and so they did. Loki found Hye the half-ghost, Tuura the half-orc and Farah the simic hybrid. He was impressed to find another hybrid, but found that his own mutation was nothing compared to Farah's. The team quickly became attached to him, following him around and watching his every move, copying his every note. He started delegating piles and piles of work to keep them off his back, but their desire to appease him meant they so efficiently finished the work they were back on his tail before he knew it. The irritation bought about by his employees and the itch to go back in the field is still growing, and is so bad he's considering asking the new team if he can join them for a mission...