[$16] Cream Heart Questie's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

General Terms

This character is bound by the EvoCrit Terms of Service.  The most up-to-date version is found at the link.

The information listed below is not complete, and either the character's EvoCrit profile or the EvoCrit ToS should be considered the more accurate source of information if any information on this profile is in conflict with either.

Basic Character Information
Project: Questies
TH World: Questies
Internal Name/Profile: None Yet
TH Mention Code: 5350610

Character Information/Design Edits

  • Minor edits must be approved by aquapyrofan (Can be requested through the Edit Requests forum).
    • The following cannot be edited for this character:
      • Gender
      • Species
    • The following can be edited, with approval:
      • Outfit
    • The following can be edited as part of the ARPG this character belongs to:
      • Features/Traits
  • When determining owner, check the EvoCrit Profile (if extant) for the owner listed there.  If a different user is listed as the owner of this character, the ownership is not official and the listed owner is the actual owner.


  • This character cannot be traded or sold outside of EvoCrit or related communities.
  • This character cannot be sold for real world currency or any currency which can be transferred to or purchased using real world currency.
  • This character may not be traded for "vouchers"