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"My rose garden dreams, set on fire by fiends..."
Basic Info
Birth NameAlyna
birthdateMarch, 1924
OccupationModeling agency owner
PREDATOR TYPEMostly osiris/bagger


Lamia is a vampire of the clan Toreador. She resides in Hollywood and has a very defined position there - she's an owner of a quite popular modeling agency. She's usually melancholic. As most Toreadors, she loves art and culture - she also adores to be surrounded by beautiful things and people. Her style is rather feminine, which goes well with her delicate face-features. Lamia mostly dresses in white and likes flower-themed accesories.

Design Notes
  • Lamia's style could mostly be considered boho
  • She usually dresses in white - the color that symbolizes purity, which is the trait that Lamia's sire cherished the most.
  • She usually wears some kind of a flower-based headpiece. She also really likes pearls and various crystals when it comes to jewelery.

Not much is known about her actual birth place, aside from the fact that it was possibly somewhere in the Northern Europe. Her birth name was Alyna, and she grew up in a very religious, restrictive family - despite trying her best, she has always felt like she wasn't good enough for her parents. She shared this fate with her younger sister - Vlada.

Alyna was embraced in 1943 by the kindred named Lennard. They met in the catholic boarding facility where she was sent by her parents - Lennard was living there as a priest. Despite being dressed in a sutane, he had no faith in him - he initially chose the facility as a hiding spot, but he also wanted to make it a bit more fun for himself. He manipulated Alyna into thinking that he loved her, which wasn't hard since she has always longed to be cared for. Their secret meetings lasted half a year - after this time, same as with many others before, Lennard got bored of Alyna and embraced her in order to shatter her humanity once and for all. Then, he told her that she was no longer pure in his eyes and that he didn't love her anymore. She was left absolutely devastated and heartbroken - she also didn't understand what kind of creature she was made into.

Alyna managed to survive a few nights, feeding on the poor - while doing so, she unintentionally killed a few of them. It caught the attention of a certain Camarilla coterie who lived around - it consited of a Toreador named Ilze and two Ventrue - Anton and Victor. Since they didn't want the neonate to violate the masquerade, they decided to deal with her. She begged them to spare her life, and, after a long discussion, they decided to do it - though not for free. She lived with them for many years - her existence consisted of doing various tasks for them. They demanded zero secrets and maximum obedience. The time spent there shaped Alyna into an even more melancholic and quiet person - she also still kept thinking about Lennard and hoped to see him again one day. With each passing month she kept gaining more trust of Ilze, Anton and Victor, though - to the point where she was allowed to go out and have some time for herself in between her tasks. During one of such times, Alyna made her first ghoul.

She has never felt so adored in her life - not even at the beggining of her realtionship with Lennard. Since Alyna longed for this kind of attention ever since childhood, she quickly got obsessed with it - the days she could meet with her ghoul were one of the brightest in her existence at that time. She did her best to keep this relationship a secret from Ilze, Anton and Victor, however it was not an easy task for such a young, inexperienced vampire - despite trying to keep a low profile, the members of the coterie noticed the miniscule differences in Alyna's mood after she would come back from her times out. It didn't take long to locate the reason for it - when they found out, Alyna paid the highest price for keeping such a big secret from them. Needless to say - she has never met her ghoul again, and her days became much darker once more. That was until she met Vera.

Vera was an american Ventrue who worked for the Camarilla. She was travelling around the Europe at the time, doing a specific research for her employers - while working on this task, she also spent two weeks with Ilze, Anton, Victor and Alyna. She noticed how quiet and withdrawn the youngest kindred was, but decided to brush it off - it was not connected to her assignment, after all. Vera went on with her task without overanalyzing the coterie's relationship - instead, she would go out every night to collect as much information about the particular camarilla members living in the area as she could. One night, however, she sensed that someone was following her - when she confronted this person, she was surprised by no one other but Alyna. The young Toreador stated that she'd love to help with the assignment.

Vera was resistant at first, knowing that most information she was looking for was highly confidential - not to mention the fact that, even though she was staying with the coterie and all three main hosts were almost overly helpful, she didn't really trust any member. She was just stopping over at their place for a short period of time, which was estabilished by her employers. There were, however, a few of the lesser important tasks to do in the area, so she decided an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands may come in handy. Alyna was really grateful for that, though Vera didn't understand why.

The two started talking - Vera was surprised by how often the usually quiet Alyna would start up new topics and asked a lot of questions. She didn't seem to know too much about the rules of society and vampires in general - it seemed a bit suspicious to Vera, considering how Alyna lived in a coterie. She decided not to question it, though, feeling like it was none of her business. Right before they got back to the coterie's house, Alyna quietly asked Vera if she could help again. The ventrue analyzed all of the arguments for and against it and decided that working with the Toreador wasn't bad - they could do another round of less confidential tasks during the next night. Alyna thanked her quickly and disappeared into another room, following Ilze and Victor's voices.

As it turned out, the Toreador kept on helping Vera with her assignments for five more nights - during one of them, the Ventrue couldn't help but ask Alyna about her motives. The young kindred took some time to choose the right words before telling Vera about her situation: from her strict mortal family, through Lennard, to her ghoul and the exploitative ways of the coterie she was living with. After listening to it all, Vera started to feel bad for the girl who was working besides her for almost a whole week. She thought about all of the possibilities and decided to make an offer that Alyna couldn't believe at first - to leave it all behind and escape to the United States, where she could start a new life. The Toreador was speechless for a while, before finally agreeing vigorously. From now on to the rest of Vera's stay, the two planned everything very secretly, behind the backs of Ilze, Anton and Victor - the plan succeed, and Vera traveled back to the United States with Alyna. To mark the new beggining, the Toreador chose a new name for herself - from now on, she was Lamia.

Vera made sure to tell Lamia everything about the vampiric life and society's rules. She also gave her some money for a new start, but warned her that it was everything she could do for her - she had to keep on travelling, since it was a part of her work. From now on, Lamia was on her own. She decided to reside in Hollywood, as she found herself absolutely enchanted by the everpresent neons, posters, beautiful people and kindred. She changed her style completely, and started to wear beautiful dresses, shoes and accesories. Every night she experienced and learned how the vampiric society worked there, making new powerful acquaintances in the process - she started appearing on important events, gallery openings, parties...with each passing night, she was giving into Hollywood more and more. Some things, however, didn't change.

No matter how many friends were around her or how many parties she attended, she still craved for some closer affection - something that would just feel unconditional and everlasting. After all this time, Lennard still appeared in her thoughts, after all - it was like a hole in her heart that was just constantly there. She also thought about the ghoul she once had, and how blindly he loved her - she missed this feeling too. The difference between her sire and the ghoul was clear - the first one was was unattainable, and the second one...she decided she could try again. Firstly, she ghouled a girl named Maya, then another one named Kira. Finally she had someone who gave her what she didn't have before. She didn't even mind that these relationships were based on the blood craving - or maybe she didn't want to see it that way? What she knew for sure was that she wanted more - she needed to be surrounded by it. 

Since Lamia would only choose the most beautiful people to become her ghouls, she also saw a potential for business in it - she decided to open up a modeling agency, in which the people she'd ghoul would be signed up as models and make money for her more and more expensive lifestyle. Nowadays, Lamia's agency is big and well-known in Hollywood. All of the models working there are actually Lamia's ghouls - they live with her in a luxurious apartment in the central part of the city. 

  • The meaning of "Lamia" is literally a female demon, howerver it also stands for "shining" or "radiant".
  • Lamia still thinks about her sire on a daily basis, which is why she mostly appears melancholic. She can't believe how easily he left her and is still very much in love with him. She seems to be absolutely blind about the fact that he has never felt anything to her and hopes he'll come back one day.
  • She tries to drown her sorrow and thoughts about the past in social interactions and fake, blood-ridden affection, but deep down she feels lonely.
  •  Lamia often appears in various Hollywood nightclubs, mostly accompanied by the ghouls she favours the most at time.
  • She eventually starts to realize how toxic and unhealthy her relationship with Lennard was and how she is projecting it to her ghouls. The reason for this change is Beau, who tries his best to make her see the situation in a healthier way.
  •  Physically Lamia is quite weak, but she's very persuasive, which helps her in social or potentially dangerous situations. 
  •  Some conspiracy theories fans in Hollywood speculate that Lamia's modeling agency is actually a cult.