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(pronounced La-CAR)
58yo - Male Draken (via Wildstar setting; headcanon'd subspecies of aquatic Draken)

His scaly hide is mostly gray with a faint purple wash, his underbelly and face a few shades lighter than the rest of him. He has an impressive crest of spiny fins at the back of his head and spiny fins along his forearms and trailing down the length of his long, sinuous tail, the webbing of which having numeous nicks and tears. A pair of horns curve up over the top of his crest, with three webbed spines curving up from the sides. His eyes have slitted pupils and are tri-colored. Around the outside they are a dark blue, fading to a typical blue and lightening to caribbean blue-green around the pupils. Along the sides of his neck he has three gills. He has many scars all over his body and across his lips, and can typically be seen wearing nothing but a loincloth and a harness that carries vials of toxins and small pouches of various supplies. Lakaar's legs are digitigrade, ending in three long claw-tipped, webbed toes. His hands have only four fingers, said fingers also particularly long, claw-tipped and webbed. He has rows of shark-like teeth that regrow whenever one falls out or gets lodged in whatever he's biting.

Lakaar comes from a race of very violent, bloodthirsty individuals. While Lakaar seems to demonstrate a lesser degree of said violence, that's not to say one shouldn't tread carefully. He is well-spoken and has a deeply rooted honor code, but has little patience for those who would insult his strength or honor, and is highly defensive of those who would look to him for protection. His voice has a deep, silky yet rumbly cadence to it, and a smirk can often be found on his scarred lips. He has a tendency to brood over the past, particularly concerning the loss of his family. His family, his children in particular, were his most prized treasures and he loved them all fiercely.

Lakaar is closely bonded with Kishi! 

Lakaar belongs to YiskaBiscuit (Tumblr / Pillowfort).