Miro / Yhqg'nr



2 years, 2 months ago


Ezra's companion. Miro is the name she gave to the little creature. He is far more than just the little animal she believes him to be, however; he's a god from another universe named Yhqg'nr. Both names refer to the same character, but "Miro" generally is specific to the small animal body he uses to interact with Ezra.


The body of Miro is about the size of a house cat, vaguely resembling some sort of weasel-dog hybrid. But he is neither weasel nor canid, but his own specially-crafted creature. He has a tawny pelt akin to that of a coyote, with sleek, lightweight fur suited for the desert--though the fur around his neck seems to puff up a bit, like a proud bird. He bears two nubby horns on his head which are not particularly sharp, nor do they serve a particular purpose. His eyes are a gold-tinted shade of green.

The body of Yhqg'nr, his true form, rarely takes corporeal form. As a god, he is almost always intangible--and likewise, his exact shape is by the design of his present whims. Little details are often changed, and his exact "appearance" (if one could call an unseen, incorporeal form an appearance) is not set in stone. However, in his world, a high quantity of limbs is seen as a mark of beauty. Yhqg'nr is the most beautiful thing Yhqg'nr has ever seen. Not only does he have countless pairs of legs along his serpentine-like body, but he is consistently depicted with two jaws, and countless eyes in clusters of vertical slits. 

In his "true form", Yhqg'nr is enormous. To put it into perspective: his main diet consists of planets and stars. However, he is a powerful god, and can occupy as much or as little space as he pleases.


Yhqg'nr is a superior, selfish, egocentric being--and he has every right to be, for he is the greatest, most perfect thing to have ever blessed any plane of existence. His hubris goes unchecked and uncontested--for who can truly contest a Star Eater? 

However... Yhqg'nr has grown almost uncharacteristically fond of the human named Ezra. He sculpted a body she would find appealing and began accompanying her, living on a world where he did not, for once, have omnipotence. This fascinated him. Ezra fascinated him. To him, Ezra was radiant. Uncanny in her flawed perfection. Suddenly, he found himself wholly devoted to this insignificant mortal, for whom he would consume entire galaxies.

DO draw him:

  • Grumpy/sinister/aloof/expressionless/irritated/calm/etc
  • About the size of a house cat (for Miro's body)
  • Any size, but generally the size of a house or larger (for Yhqg'nr's body; he used to eat entire solar systems to give you an idea of his true size)
  • With Ezra (the only person/thing he truly loves)
  • Chewing on/eating bones (his sole diet; Miro's body only)
  • Floating weightlessly (Yhqg'nr's body only)
  • In his "leaking" version of his Miro disguise, where elements of his true form are beginning to show
  • In the desert (either body) and/or surrounded in sand or fire

DON'T draw him:

  • Joyful/playful/enthusiastic/etc
  • As a weasel/cat/etc--he's not any existing species of animal and has his own unique anatomy
  • Being grumpy/sinister/etc at Ezra (he adores her)
  • Wearing a collar or any other sort of pet accessory (in canon, anyways; doing it for the meme is fine)