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Basic Info


Head Mender and Knight of Bones








Very petite and waifish, with a narrow build. Her breasts are almost nonexistent. Even when healthy, she seems somewhat emaciated.


(Sylvari based off of a skeleton flower)

Her brows have petals that arc naturally in a way that always makes her look mildly concerned, even with a neutral expression.

TINY - 4'6" (140cm). 

Mostly opaque flesh when dry (This makes her look extremely gaunt and corpse-like, as all her features appear sunken and skeletal. Worth noting: the actual topography of her features is not sunken, but the prominent dark circles and shadows from her unique complexion give that illusion.)

Almost entirely transparent flesh when soaked in moisture;
(Transparent flesh means you can see bones, vessels/arteries, and organs, EXCLUDING a heart and a uterus; Sylvari have neither. ALSO EXCLUDING a musculatory system; her muscles are about 95% transparent at all times, so they do not cover up her skeleton/organs/etc when her flesh has been soaked into transparency. Sylvari also bleed sap, not blood, so any arteries/vessels/organs would be GOLDEN tinted, not red.)

The gold of her eyes gives off a very faint, subtle glow. Her pupils are unusually light, sometimes seeming nonexistent; this makes for terrible, light-sensitive vision.

Her gums, tongue, and all flesh inside her mouth is grey in color. (Her teeth are the normal off-white color.)

A cinnamon roll despite looking like a corpse; Skena is the nicest sylvari to ever fall into Nightmare. Her alignment with Nightmare comes solely from her support of the philosophy that we become stronger when we endure hardships, as illustrated in her favorite metaphor: a broken bone reset and allowed to heal will fuse together stronger than it had been before the break. Unlike many courtiers, she does not share the usual sadomasochism the cult is known for. She carries herself with quiet dignity in public, always shrouded from head to toe in black robes and concealed with her skull mask, often seeming nearly emotionless. In private, however, she's much the same shy, nerdy, clumsy, awkward dork she's always been, allowing that composed Knightly public front to drop away and leaving her as a frazzled little mess who's just trying their best.

In a relationship with Mahva* ; best friends with Kaleva*.
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