Mahva* (D&D)



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16' Long (Humanoid body is proportionate to someone ~6'4")




Yuan-ti Pureblood


Shadow Magic Sorcerer


Mahva's most noticeable feature is, of course, his lower body being that of a giant snake. That lower body is colored similar to a white-lipped python, including that oilslick sheen of iridescence. His torso is dark-skinned, with dark hair in long cornrows that fall past his waist. He has all-black eyes, with only a thin ring of gold encircling his pupil. There is a seam under his cheekbones that seems to separate his upper and lower jaw; the reason for this being that he is capable of unhinging his jaw, allowing his mouth to open impossibly wide. All his teeth are needle-like fangs, and he has a very long, smooth, purple tongue. His nose is flat and almost cat-like, and his lips are full and plush.

If he had a more human body type, he would stand 6'4 tall. Though his serpentine lower body extends his overall height by quite a bit, his torso is still proportionately that of a 6'4 man, and when holding himself upright, it is usually to a similar height.

Mahva is generally a very amicable, placid creature. He's mostly calm and polite, and is not shy about his compassion. He works as a courtesan and dancer, and can be very honeyed in his demeanor and words, very skilled in making people feel special. While he has no nefarious motivations behind catering to people in this way, it isn't always the most organic, as being a yuan-ti, his mind is wired a bit closer to that of a reptile, and human emotion isn't the most natural thing for him--he's just very good at imitating it. That said, he's not heartless, and is capable of fondness and compassion. He's rarely made angry, but if he is, it's usually in defense of either himself or someone he cares about.

He's very good friends with Skena (✧D&D).